Tuesday, November 30

You know how sometimes you have a dream where somebody does something to make you mad and you wake up feeling all mad at them, but your feelings are completely unjustified because it was just a dream.... Well, I woke up furious with my roommate Jubilee this morning. In my dream she had unattached the toliet and moved it into the entry way. She also needed some carpet squares for some project so she tore up the living room carpet. And I was yelling at her in my dream and in the end I think we decided that she should move out.

House anxiety dreams stem from the house painting stress. Yesterday they began to paint my house a beautiful khaki green color I had chosen called woodland mystery. When I got home at 11 at night I was horrified with the color I had chosen. In the day it looked mint chip and at night with the yellow tint of street lights and porch lights it looked more lime green. I was completely nauseous. I have done alot of remodeling work on the house in the last year and this was the final step to completion. It was such a disappointment to end up with an exterior that didn't match up with the beauty of the interior. I researched colors online to see where I had gone wrong. I went to home depot as soon as they opened bought 2 colors and came home and test painted the side of the house. Picked a new color named paramount sage and called my contractor hoping he wouldn't kill me for wasting a day of work. He worked it out with the painter and they are painting the new color today. I hear that it looks great. I'm so relieved.

Quick Holiday Recap-
I drove to So Cal to have thanksgiving dinner at my sister Deb's house in San Juan Capistrano and then continued on to stay with my sister Michelle in Del Mar. I took my neice Bryana to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. And then I came home early on Saturday so as to not miss a night out to Miyake's with the KAK house crew. Carrie met up so that was a special treat. On Sunday I went throught the Christmas boxes and started to decorate the house. I'm getting in the holiday spirit. A holiday party might be in order.

Wednesday, November 24

Seeking Part-Time Best Friend
I already have a best friend but she is only part time and only available via phone or email M-F 9-5. I am looking for someone available for nights and weekends to subsidize the gaps.
Approx needed 2 - 5 hours/week. Must be willing to be on call. Promotion opportunities to full time available if good work is done. Prefer if you don't have a boyfriend or if you know how to manage having both a boyfriend and a best friend.
Duties include: talking on the phone, love life consultant, coming to my parties, fashion consultant, occasionally being wing man at the bars, occasionally driving me to the airport, checking in at least every other day, and being supportive and familiar with what's going on in my life.
Benefits: I offer my designated driver services, always remember birthdays, am very generous with time and money to help you out, am a good listener, have a great circle of friends to introduce you to, am an excellent cook, and have property in both Hawaii and Tahoe for vacation usage.
Email if interested.

Monday, November 22

The Organizers: John, Liz & Rich
my people
liz&phil liz & walker
Phil Stephanie
phatty&kari liz,eli,tara
Phatty (Nick) & Kari / Me, Eli & Tara
rolyn,liz,mel,gina rich,liz,tara,pedro
Rolyn,Me, Mel, Gina/ Rich,Me, Tara, Pedro
kelvyn&liz eliza&girls
Kelvyn & Me/ Eliza & her friends whose names I forget
tara,shawn,liz liz&marcos
Tara, Shawn & Me/ Me & Marcos

That is just far too many pictures of me for one post. O-well. Party was wonderfully glorious. Great turnout, lots of friends, good times and no major hicups. It definately met up to the Lizapalooza Party Standard even though I actually did hardly any of the behind the scenes work this time.
Big Surprise of the Night- Pedro & Marcos. Last year it was Aikhong & Adam representing the face of my past but this year's party was blessed with faces from the rollerskating rink. By complete coincidence Rich invited Pedro who apparently works at Webex with him. Pedro and his brother Marcos come and we are in such shock to see each other. These 2 were the dj's at the rink when I was growing up and we were such good friends. So great to see them again.
Embarrassing Moment- everybody singing happy bday. I hate that. It's so awkward. Standing all by yourself with all eyes on you. You can't sing along so you just smile while turning bright red and praying for it to end.

Today is the actual day of my blessed birth. I was given the day off of work so I scrounged up my unemployed friends to play hookie with me. Eric & Haylee accompanied me on my adventure. First we went to Capitola so I can get my favorite ice cream- Mexican Chocolate. I also did a bit of Christmas shopping. And I went to my favorite store for good smelly stuff... Panache's. I only bought 1 body spray, but then it was buy one get one free so I had 2. And then when she found out it was my birthday, she threw in free bath salts, a body wash, and a lotion. I was stoked! Then we continued on to Monterey to go to the aquarium to see the great white shark. It looked just like Jaws but only 4' long. And tonight I just sat around playing pacman with my roommates. That's the birthday in a nutshell. I hope your day was as good as mine.

Saturday, November 20

113 yes/28 maybe/19 no/63 not yet responded
still don't know what I'm wearing tonight
up early to shop and get nails done before I go into work

Friday, November 19

Wolfgang... really I'm getting over the name. We haven't gone out yet, but I've learned a little bit about him and I'm very intimidated. The way I see it, he's some kind of genius... got his BA in philosophy and classic language and was working on his PhD. Also a musical genius. He teaches classical and jazz guitar and renaissance lute. And he plays piano. I'm scared of this guy. I'm scared of his mind. It's very sexy, but I'm very intimidated. I don't even know how to talk to him. I have so much respect for those who are musical or intellectual geniuses, because as much as I would like to... I don't encompass the mental capacity to grasp such concepts. I feel completely inadequate now. Once he meets me and figures me out, he's going to think I'm a moron. Working with kids has turned my mind to mush. My realm of existence is completely superficial. I'm not an intellect. I avoid most intellectual facets. I don't even keep up with world news. I think my best bet is to just keep asking him about himself and offer no information about myself.

Thursday, November 18

My good week is slowing down. I'm sick with congestion and a cough that I just can't kick. I hope it's gone by party day. I've been so busy and the boys are stressing me with their laid back last minute party planning. Do we even have a dj yet? I just don't know. At least I don't think it will rain. And I'm not sure what to wear to the party. I'm feeling like I need to go shopping for something new, but when am I suppose to find time for that. Today's date got postponed and I'm relieved because I have to keep clearing my throat in the most unsexy manner.

My baby is so cute. She's sitting here coloring in a photocopy of my passport and drivers license. I think she doesn't talk because she doesn't have to. We read each other's minds. No verbalization necessary. She'll talk for the new nanny because she'll have to start communicating her needs. I have Monday off for my birthday and I have no clue what to do. I was thinking of going to Monterey, but I don't even like Monterey that much. Maybe I need Mas Sake for my birthday. Or maybe Hidden Villa or Napa. It's been a while since I've been to Berkeley.

Tuesday, November 16

I'm having the most fantastic week. I think it's because we are leading up to my birthday. So this morning at Barnes and Noble the storytime lady is a no show and the back up girl is nowhere in sight. There are 20 kids and their parents all waiting around when I arrive 5 minutes late. They always start on time so I figure this out really quick. It's happened once or twice before. So I grab a few books and fill in. Mind you my mother, neice, nephew, and a friend of mine are all with me today so I have my little fan club secretly placed in the crowd. It goes really well. I happened to pick 3 books that were really interactive. The kids would yell "Read it again!!" every time we got to the end. They wanted to keep reading rather than go do coloring time. But I couldn't stay on stage all day. Besides that guy who works there that I've been shy with keeps coming over to watch and is very enthralled by the fact that I'm doing storytime. It was making me a little nervous. We've never said a word to each other but we are very obvious. During coloring time he slips me a note with his number and email all 3rd grade style because he's shy too. Now I had figured there would be something wrong with this guy like he wouldn't have a car or would live with his parents or something. And I realize what a waste of time and energy it is to be cutesy flirting shy with a person I literally know nothing about. I knew immediately I would figure out what's wrong with him and why I've wasted my time. And now I know that it's his name. We didn't even talk, but I already think this is may be a detering factor. His name is.. Wolfgang! You see! I'll give it one date to see if he offers anything interesting worth me overlooking this. If his name is Wolfgang, and he lives with his parents, and he doesn't have a car... well then that's just it... 3 strikes you're out. Jubilee says 1st thing is to find him a nick name - neither Wolf, nor Gang. I might just stick to Barnes & Noble Guy. That's 2 big brave moves in two days. Well, afterwards Eric came and he read me and Haylee Polar Express because we had never read it. Then we went to Jack in the Box for lunch. Baby Allison and I took the longest nap ever. I didn't mean for it to happen, but I was sleeping too. 1:30 - 5 at night. All that extra rest set me up for a long evening. Swim practice, turkey dinner at mom's house, and then Haylee's late night softball game which they lost. I think the turkey balanced me out for a more normal bedtime.

Monday, November 15

So excited! My people are coming. RSVP's pouring in. Current Evite Party Stats: 89 Yes; 14 Maybe; 9 No; 101 Not Yet Responded. This will be the best party ever!!! I love Rich for hosting this for me. That was the best birthday present anyone could give me... A break from the stress of party preparations, moving the furniture, clearing the garage, covering the white carpets, picking up kegs, last minute yard work and house cleaning, aftermath cleaning, hiding the valuables.

Big Day for me today. First I gave my notice to my employers. Last official day is 12/22. I was dreading telling them. I'm dreading Allison catching on even more. She's so attached to me at this point. I want to try to go hang out with her every week or so. In 2005 I will be picking up 18 more hours with my other family. I debated about this for sometime but the comparison say it all.
*more money- $xxx amount of money per week currently equaling 45hrs/week will equal only 28hrs/week. Hmmm?? What to do with those 17 extra hours every week? Maybe work on my crepe business!!! And do some quilting and some gardening and some volunteer work.
*more flexibility- new family has a stay at home mom so I'm really just a luxury item. This allows for me to switch around my work schedule or take days off without it being too big of an inconvenience. Plus remember that they just hired my mom to work for them too so she can cover for me if push comes to shove.
*longer leash comes with 4 wheel drive- currently I'm not allowed to drive baby and there are only a handful of places within walking distance and you get pretty bored with them. Well, from day one I've driven the kids in the other family. Actually, they have a big Yukon Denali that's a 3rd vehicle just for the nanny to drive. So me and the kids go get ice cream or get jamba or go run errands if I need.
*shorter commute- currently 20 minute drive in peak commuter traffic; will be 4 minute drive with no freeway in the afternoon with no traffic. Plus because it's only about a mile, I could easily start riding my bike to work (if I had one).
*New family has Karaoke Revolution game and Tivo and a huge dvd collection and really good food.
*New family takes me on vacation- So far on the calendar this year is Tahoe, Nantucket, and Tuscany! Italy!!! Can't wait! Never been! Must have digital camera before then and teach kids to use it so they can take pics of me in these places.
*Downside is only 18 guaranteed hours a week that won't quite pay all the bills. I usually get another 4-10 hours off of them every week during the evenings. But I really need all 10 now. If they don't do date night or have any parties to go to one week then I end up a little short on my bills. I'm just going to have faith about it though. If push comes to shove, I could always up rent on my roommates. Just Kidding, guys!
*Other downside- Allison.... boo hoo! Can't she just come to work with me? No, because they don't let me drive her. So that ends that.

Also today I was a very good girl in initiating stuff. I wasn't shy and asked the guy from swim to coffee after practice. But we get there and neither of us are coffee drinkers. So over tea and hot coco I get the scoop on what this guy is really all about... traveling and adventure. He's a pretty cool guy and he's cute too. Generally though, meeting people in your swimsuit with your goggles and bright yellow swim cap on is not the best first impression. We hardly recognized each other with clothes on. He might not recognize me if he should ever see me with dry hair and makeup.

Tommorrow is just a Barnes & Noble party. I go there every Tuesday to take baby to story time. But tomorrow my mom is bringing my neice and nephew to meet us. And Haylee is coming to meet me for coffee there. And Jaime is coming to meet me there too. All this support and they are sure to make me talk to that guy I've been being all shy with.

Hassle of the day- my tub is backed up with kitchen garbage disposal debris. Having to get a plumber will come out of the painting-the-house fund.

Sunday, November 14

drunken superheroes
Originally uploaded by Lizapalooza.
The pic of Jeff, me, and Scotty as promised. At this point in the night I've ditched my costume.

Friday, November 12

All I want for my birthday, all I want for Christmas, all I want are target gift cards so I can go buy a digital camera. It's too hard for everyone to coordinate to chip in, but if everyone gets me gift card from the same place then maybe I'll get enough to buy it. I've have so missed having a digital. And my site is so much less interesting without all the pics. And then people tell me about these great pics they have from our outings and I haven't seen them, and I don't have them, and I just end up with picture envy. There is this great pic that Jeff has of me him and Scotty in our not so sober super hero poses. I'll try to post it later.

Thursday, November 11

2am KAK house prank call goes like this.
"Liz, are you sleeping?"
Ya. What are you doing?
"Liz, we can't drive. Can you come get us?"
Oh, you're kidding. Fine. Where are you at?
"I don't know. Some bar in Mountain View."
At this point I am up with lights on, glasses on and am searching for my shoes.
"Just kidding, Liz. We're at home. Want to come over and go in the hot tub with us?"

Wednesday, November 10

Let's talk about my lame neighbors. It's kind of a silent feud. For the most part we ignore each other. When they extended the fence between our property to the street, they didn't consult me. I noticed that it was bit high, like illegally high. I think the max height is either 3 or 4 feet at the curb, but theirs is 5. This creates a bit of a hazard for me backing out of my driveway, but I decided to ignore it and let it go. After all, it wasn't my money or my fence. Well, when it was finished they came over and asked if I would pay half of the bill and I refused because they never asked me before hand. Well from then on they were bitter with me. On friday I recieve a letter from city code enforcement because they have tattled on me for having construction debris in my sideyard along my side of their precious fence. $1000 in fines if I don't have it removed by monday. Well, I wasn't done with construction so it is a bit of an inconvenience. This is the 2nd time they've done this to me. I don't get why they just don't come over and ask me about it.

Monday, November 8

Super fast weekend recap- Friday night was Beavers and Goosetown with Jaime. I was praised for my rendition of Like a Virgin. Saturday Jaime and I built furniture and went out for brunch. That night Jubilee, Jaime, Amy, Brent (Amy's hot friend in town from Kansas City) and I went out in Los Gatos. Afterwards we met up with the boys for late night eating. I drove the boys home and we decided to go hot tubbing. I left the room for a second and come back to find that the boys have ransacked my swim bag and Scotty is wearing one of my swimsuits. Blackmail pictures were taken. By the time we are out of the hot tub it is 6am. I head home and set my alarm for church, but in my sleep deprived disorient I sadly forget to flip the alarm on switch. I woke up an hour late. So Jaime and I run errands instead. I worked for a bit and then went home to help Jaime build more furniture. I bought a steam cleaner at the mall and went to town on the bathroom. Then we met up with Jubilee to go see Alfie which I really liked. Jude Law is pretty hot. Sunday was such a full day on just 4 hours of sleep.

Friday, November 5

I am SOOOOO excited about the next party. Save November 20th on your calendars because you are all invited to
Yep, it's my birthday party, but at Rich's house. This way I don't mess up my new light colored carpet and he gets to show off his big beautiful new house with hard wood floors that he just bought. A great collaboration with more people and more fun than you've ever seen before. I am so excited.

Thursday, November 4

I use to be bothered my mom's paranoia, her fear of a robber breaking in during the night or of being car jacked or mugged. I've never had that fear of the world. My adventurous ways rattled her and I pitied her for it. But I realize that what I fear is myself. My paranoia plays out in my mind as I create a life where I risk nothing and feel nothing. My daily social interactions are safeguarded within the limits of a 20 month old child whose vocabulary has not a harsh word in it. Even within my own home I retreat to the confines of my bedroom. I will type and do not fear speaking out in this fashion where I do not hear feedback. Mutual interaction is reserved for the select few old friends who are trusted to never say a thing I don't want to hear. I'm hiding alot of myself away, but I don't even exactly know why. I remember times of being carefree and gregarious. How did I lose my voice?

Tuesday, November 2

*Right now it looks like a win for Bush. California is supposed to be the democratic state with a given Kerry win. However, 3/4 of my household voted Bush. If you didn't vote today, consider yourself banned from my site.

*So Jubilee tricked me. She gives me the rent check and then asks if I want to go shopping because there's some big sale at that new store that just opened. How could I say no? But surprisingly I didn't go past $100 and most of that was not clothes. I bought a great 6 piece luggage set for $80. My old luggage was literally being held together by duct tape. It was a complete embarrassment going through the airport. Last week I went clothes shopping with Jaime. My roommates are trouble.

*Song of the day- Honey and the Moon by Joseph Arthur
Actually it's kinda the song of the month that I am obsessed with.

*This weekend I took the Perry kids with me to my nephew's birthday party. What a perfect match. So the most horrifying thing happened later in the evening. I rarely drive the kids in my car. I usually I take their Yukon. Well, we all met up at their daughter's house and they took the Yukon and had me take their BMW back to their house to get my car. The first time I've ever driven their BMW. Well, when I shut the door behind me, it doesn't shut all the way. When I open it again to see what it's stuck on, I am completely horrified to see that by some completely freak incident the seatbelt has jammed itself into and is protruding out of the side interior panel. It was stuck good too. It left a inch and a half gash. I couldn't believe my luck. It's not like I was being careless or rushing or anything. It was just one of those freak incidents. I can't even logically figure out how it managed to wedge itself like that. I was stressing. I left them a note though and when I talked to them yesterday they totally didn't care. Whew!

*So for a long time I've dreamt (see 9/4/03 post) of having my mom and me both working for the same client so we can cover for each other and so I can help her out and stuff. Well, dreams come true. The Perry's leave me a message to convey to my mom that they would like to hire her part time. How perfect!

*Today I was a wuss as I have been every Tuesday for the last month. Next Tuesday will be different. There will be courage. There will be a plan. There will be words.

Monday, November 1