Monday, September 29

Home At Last!!
I missed my flight this morning and thus missed work as well. The rest of the morning flights were full. I missed the 4:00 flight too. I got a seat on the 7:00 but it was delayed to 8:15. It seems like everywhere I go, I use southwest. Well, this trip was American and for the most part I was really lucky. It was like being in first class for me...
1) On the way there, they give me a one hour layover in Newport Beach. Just enough time for my mom to pick me up and take me to Wahoo's to eat.
2) On my red-eye flight a girl switched seats with me and that gave me a full row all to myself allowing me to completely lay across and sleep.
3) Once I missed my flight and called all in a panic, they informed me that "no, there would be no additional fees or difference in flight costs to pay." Just fly standby at somepoint today.
4) On the direct flight home, it is a pretty packed plane. There are only 4 empty seats. I once again luck out with three in a row so that I can lay out and sleep some more.
5) There was a shortage of blankets and pillows, but I managed to get both.
6) Good dinner served (chicken w/ mango chutney...I'm a sucker for fruity glazes, sauces and chutneys) and the stewardess gave me the entire can of Sprite instead of just the cup.

Where they fall short... they are soooo slow. Actually the airline is excellent. If they have everyone seated they will attempt to leave early. It is the passengers who are slow as heck. Tonight the plane landed at 11:35. It took a full 15 minutes just to get off the plane. And then another 20 minutes for them to even start up the baggage carousel. By the time I got back to my car a full hour had passed. Ludicrous! Anyways, it is 2am and I should force myself to sleep. I should head into the office early to catch up and kiss up for missing work today. Good to be home though.

Sunday, September 28

New York Trip for wedding/anniversary party...
family morning loft subway loft wedding garb wedding party flowergirl sherry cousin Raylene Vanessa & Ray morning after party nyc view me at the Empire State Building art wtc ground zero cousins
details to follow...

Wednesday, September 24

Rise and Shine! Well, I'm up awfully early. Went to bed at 2 and some how woke up all by myself at 6:45. Normally this is considered a gawd-awful hour. But I'm taking advantage of it as I still am packing for NYC tonight...well really I'm condensing at this point. Now due to the site and just word of mouth, my cousin who I am about to visit has created me a rep of being this materialistic superficial (and probably ditsy) Cali girl. If you don't know, IT'S NOT TRUE! This blog is suppose to be superficial. It's a counter-blog. It's not like that's all there is to me. But it will look that way when I walk in with a world of luggage behind me. There will be a ton of us staying with my cousin for her wedding (which I am expecting to be more of an art show) so we were told to be minimalists. I'm going to look high maintenence, but this is my smallest luggage on wheels. Well, still lots to do but I'll leave you with a pic of desk collage I made the other night.

Monday, September 22

So I guess I'm sick. My body aches, my head aches, and I feel weak. I even left work early. (Just another sign that my job is literally draining the life out of me.) I should have came home and rested, but instead I ran errands.
With 318 miles on it, I returned the Suburban. I had been with that vehicle for most of it's life. You better believe we bonded. I think it will miss me as much as I'll miss it.

I came home but just couldn't rest well in this heat. So finally I was craving grilled cheese and soup so went to the store for bread. An hour and $85 later I was almost too tired to make it. I know you aren't suppose to do major grocery shopping right before you leave town, but I tried to stay clear of most perishables. I have 2 days to use 2 bananas.

If you haven't noticed, my postings are almost always a day off because I never find time to write until before bed which is always after midnight. So I talk about today but I'm technically writing tomorrow so it appears that tomorrow will look alot like today.

Cake and Inspiration
I woke up this morning to a text from my youngin. It was perfect timing. I wouldn't have be on time to church if she hadn't woken me. I ate chocolate birthday cake while simultaneously curling my hair in the 20 minutes I had before I needed to leave. Got to church to realize that I had forgotten about the 1 year church anniversary party afterwards. Service was inspiring and I came up with a great idea for a new ministry during it. Ran it by Matt (my pastor) who loved the idea. So maybe i might just be heading up a new employment counseling ministry. I just need to find myself a new job that gives me some free time to help others. Party afterwards provided me with some great opportunities to catch up with old friends and eye possible new friends. I got to be the pinata manipulator holding the other end of the rope and had more cake. I came home and took one very long nap...the kind where you wake up kind disorientated because it's dark now and you have no clue what time it is or how long you've been sleeping. For a brief moment I panic thinking... is it the middle of the night? Did I sleep the rest of the day away completely? Is it to late to create one last weekend moment? But it is only 8 and I realize my friend had text me an invite to come over while I was sleeping. I eat more birthday cake and become inspired by some photography projects I discover. I bust out the digital and take pictures of everything I can in my house and then head to my friend's house once I've ran out of material. But we just watch a NipTuck rerun and I go home realizing that eventually my Suburban Fun must end and I think that day might be tomorrow. Tomorrow I need to start planning how I am going to efficiently pack like the minimalist I am not for NYC. Somehow I think planning and minimalism are two things that don't coincide very well.

Sunday, September 21

Well, I am home early tonight. I just walked in the door from Blue Tatoo. Today is my roommate, Melanie's 23rd birthday. The day was alright. I had a good morning. I went and got a much craved pedicure and then went shopping to find that perfect gift for the Hello Kitty freak who lives in the room next door (hello kitty speakers for her computer...combines all her, computer, HK). Then we went to the EMQ company picnic but we had missed most of it. Snagged some left over BBQ and hit the astro jump. Didn't get too much quality time in it though as it was invaded continuously by little kids. Then Dinner at Chevy's for balloon hats and birthday songs and then to Blue. Until James got drunk and left. Ring ring. "I'm at the car." Well, there are no ins and outs (The one damn club in the area where I don't have connections). So now I am home with James, but that's ok. There weren't enough of those preppy dorky white guys that I dig. It is probably better I go to bed early anyways so I can do church in the morning and have energy to maybe go hiking (if I can find someone to hike with) and make the best of my last day with the Suburban (Oh! They let me keep it for 5 days! I love this big ol truck even though Mel makes fun of me and says I look like a 40 yr old soccer mom in it). Well, I hear the clicking of the pilot light on the stove in the kitchen. I better go see what James is up to before he blows up the house.

Wednesday, September 17

Oh, what fun! I've got a big huge brand new suburban. Just for the day. It's a rental car while mine is in the shop getting a new tire and its maintenance check. I'm like the first person to use it. It only has 40 miles on it. And even though it's not mine, it's still really fun to have a new car to cruise in. Today I will be hitting the mall in style.

Got a flat tire and the OC wasn't on tonight. They had the stupid game on instead. They are airing it at 1am in the morning. What the heck! But that's ok because it's late and I figure that by the time the tow truck comes to change the tire then it should be on. Tomorrow will be better. I am shopping at Ann Taylor / Santana Row and going for the outdoor movie thing with my youngin.

Sunday, September 14

Up to date:
So on Thursday night I went off to Cardiff Lounge to see my friend Matt (MJ GAMEZ) spin.

The music was addicting. You can't help but feel the groove. Made some new friends and had a fun time overall. I really shouldn't have gone out on a work night. I was exhausted on Friday. Lessoned learned. I will go to bed early tonight.
Friday night I headed to Mas Sake with my youngin and finally got my sushi fix. Good Influence turns bad as the restaurant resembles some trendy bar. And then even worse as I actually manage to take her with me to a Palo Alto night club to meet up with some of my friends. Saturday I made a new little crush that will most likely go nowhere. I got into a little trouble Sat night. Spent Sunday trying to figure out how to get out of it. Went to the movies and then fro yo with the youngin and a borrowed DVD. Bed early tonight.

Thursday, September 11

Yahoo! Ft. Lauderdale!
So I just recieved in the mail a card from my contact at Harbor Beach Resort & Spa in Fort Lauderdale, Florida inviting me out there for a comp 3 night stay, dinner and a couple of spa treatments. And of course they will kiss up and try to educate me on the property. I'm sure I'd end up doing a site tour while I'm there. Now, I have to go at some point between 9/28 and 10/23. I have a feeling this may be monsoon season or something for them but I don't care. Airfare is high regardless. Who wants to come with?

Wednesday, September 10

Mama to the Rescue!
Exactly what I needed. She calls me an hour before I get off of work to see if I want to hit up the farmer's market on Rodeo Dri.. I mean Santana Row. With the day I've had I decide to ditch out early. No guilt, I was there really late last night. Not much variety at this market. I was tempted by Foccacia but opted not to indulge. Instead I hit the stores and come away with these awesome buys.

I would have had more if I didn't just spend all my cash earlier on toner cartridges for work. My mother is a trooper as I drag her into shop after art gallery after shop. Now I know I should save my money for shopping in Soho, but chances are I won't find deals like this in Soho! Anthropologie, the whole store smells delectable. A call from Sunstar who was a no show this weekend...big surprise. So glad I had made other plans. And as the shops closed I detour to the grass area where they are playing a movie out on a big outdoor screen. Finally, after the 2nd half of Bridget Jone's Diary I get in my car feeling wanting and once again thinking about that same fellow that pops into my head during every song, movie, or mentioned notion of romance. I need a new knight in shining armor. The guy currently acting as the hero in my dreams has no more courage than the cowardly lion. But I told myself I wouldn't make this about him. So, anyways... I was flaky on a fro yo date I had with my youngin and I had honorable motives when I stopped at the joint right at close to pick some up to go for us. But I got there and couldn't reach her via cell (I don't know why I got that kid a phone. She never answers it. How untypical for a teenager). The gal behind the counter told me she had been in tonight already and with some guy (Sorry, girlie! Who's the guy?). I got some just for me and went home to watch a Law & Order rerun to get my head out of the clouds. I think it may have done the trick. Now which new item to wear tomorrow...hmmm.

Work is beating the heck out of me today. I wouldn't be so stressed if it wasn't for the high amount of contagious stress carried in those around me. Not even chocolate is helping keep me alive. I'm just so tired...zzz. My hair has come uncurled. I snagged by new blue shirt with puffed sleeves (I feel like Anne of Green Gables). And I spent $700 for emergency toner cartridges. I hope I can push that expense reimbursement through fast. And what do you know... would that be me of all people complaining? Maybe, but really I know everything is fine or at least it will be when I wake up.

Finally bought my tix to NYC. I lagged though and the prices kept rising. That's less money to spend shopping in Soho. I haven't even told my NY friends I am coming. Hmmm. It is been so long since I've contacted them. So did you catch the OC tonight. It was crazy! I was impressed by Luke, disappointed by Ryan... a complete switch-a-roo on the good/evil roles. Even Sandy was being bad. But I love that show.

So here's what makes me happy today... my very organized color coordinated closet. I love organization. I knew a girl in college who would go a bit farther by also color coordinating the actual hangers as well as the clothes. I have not gone this far yet.

Sunday, September 7

Things infrequently go as planned in my life. However, that never discourages me. I continue to plan relentlessly for every second of the day. I live by these little list that I make on multi colored post it notes (ya, I don't have a palm pilot. I like this better). I list what I will do between work and home, what I will buy at home depot, who I need to call and invite, what bills I should pay, what chores I need to do when I get home, what ingredients I'll need... Constant plethora of lists that I hope to achieve by the days end but some how never do.
Last weekend I listed a ton of fun things I wanted to do for the long Labor Day weekend. What I did instead was reorganize my kitchen cabinets. The only thing on the list that I actually did was lay out in the hammock, but that only lasted 5 minutes instead of the full hour it was suppose to have. And this weekend I didn't stick to the plans at all either. No clubbing in the city and no stay home and veg. I went to a bar in town where people pretend that they are on Rodeo Drive instead of Santana Row. But had fun because a lot of these make believers were people I knew. And then I made it a late night by going out for Pha.

Bill & Me at V Bar on Friday. Pics are contributed by my roommate, Melanie, who must have massive pictoral documentation of every single outing.

And today my one day kinda being home was project filled as I went on an organizational binge and built myself a bigger 2nd closet out in the garage (actually it's the 3rd closet). And I created a work center out in the garage for my sewing. But I'm not really done reorganizing it all at this point. So... Later!

Friday, September 5

Tragedy at Disneyland. A man was killed on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Ride. My prayers go out to his family. Other people on my prayer list today... my old roommate who is way stressed since she moved back to school and her kinda somewhat boyfriend who was recently mugged and beaten quite badly (and all they got was $20).

Weekend plans.... either hit the clubs in SF all weekend or lay around and veg all weekend. Right now I just feel like vegging out, but I could really use some of that bad ass sushi from Mas Sake. The one thing that is for sure in the plans is to go shopping for bridal dresses. Hmmm. At least I can have a say on what type of god awful dress she picks for us bridemaids.

The opposite sex... We all know it comes in waves. Today was a tsunami as there was progress of some sort with every single guy I would consider dating. And the day isn't over. I bet if I read my horoscope it would say today is my "lucky love day". But I don't care cuz I don't really want to date. I just want to have friends because dating is too much pressure. I'll take good bowl of companionship over that other stuff any day of the week (or at least that's what I am saying right now).

And this weekend Sunstar is coming to town. He makes it fun to stay home and veg because there are jokes and ideas and games and dreams and songs and good food all there in my own house, so why would I want to leave it? And when he's around I don't ever want to date because for some reason I think "Boyfriend" means no "boy friends". My ex brainwashed me. What can I say.

Thursday, September 4

It is so nice to feel loved and known. Just that feeling that somebody cares about you and takes the time to know you so well... it's amazing. I was so impressed last night by a conversation I had with my very best friend. And I would have never guessed in a million years that she gets me well enough to guess the conclusions to my stories. I was telling her about my shopping problem and how I spend too much money and how I just went to the mall to buy a replacement pair of sunglasses. Mine got run over by the car... a tragic way to go. Anyways, I tell her that the next thing I knew I made a huge mistake. And she stops me right there and says "You went to Banana Republic". My God! How did she know! That is a true friendship right there. Somebody who knows your every flaw and weakness (and all the good stuff too). Mind you we never really go shopping together. That's what impressed me so about her answer. I always shop by myself because other people spend too much time in stores I don't care about. There is too much compromise and not enough productivity in group shopping.

So last night I had a dream that I went back to taking care of kids. And there was a really rich family that gave me and my mom a lot a huge guest house and a lot of money for me to take care of their soon to be born child and for my mom to take care of their house and garden. And they bought us cars too. And it was kind of perfect, because I would be able to cover for my mom so she could take off and see her grandkids as she frequently likes to do and she could take care of the baby for me when I wanted to travel as I frequently do. But the most important thing was that my mom would be taken care of, because as she got older I could just help her with her work more. And then the thought occurred to me. What would I do with the perfectly fine house that I already live in? And then that answered itself too. I would keep it because I don't really want to go back to living with my mom, so I would have my house to escape to and then with two places to live I would have more room for project and sewing space. And the added bonus of the whole set up was that across the street from the awfully rich family lived Aldin and Parker, the little boys I use to take care of. And I would get to take care of them again. Because I really do miss those kids alot. I was with them for 4 out of their 6 years and it makes me so sad that I haven't seen them in so long. One day soon I will go to them bearing gifts and hope they aren't too mad at me for staying away so long.

Anybody know any insanely rich pregnant people looking for a nanny?

Tuesday, September 2

Welcome to my superficial thoughts on the world!
So here's what's up. Pink Haired Artsy East Coast Radicals are taking over the the internet blog scene to "express" themselves and are abusing it as a springboard to push their broadminded political beliefs onto the masses in a pathetic attempt to change the world, or at least announce their disclaimer of disapproval for the American way. Well, screw that! I am a product of the American way and all of its marketing appeal. I buy into the whole American package. And love it!

You won't find me griping about the world we live in because I'm an optimist. I don't want to see the bad side of anything. I'll take the Disney view on life anyday. Only happy thoughts here. And I truly believe that I am a healthier individual because of it.

Now I don't know where life will take me so I can't guarantee that I won't ever offer up a gripe or two in this blog over the months. Heck, I could become depressed and bitter and start to pathetically dwell on the problems everywhere, actual and imaginary. But let me tell you, if you find that happening in this blog, find me and help me. I've seen people very close to me become like this and it was my observation that such negativity stems from consistently exposing yourself to an unpleasant factor, be it a relationship, a location, a job or even just a mediocre bed.

We all have our own poisen that eats away at our being and devours our capability to achieve pure ebulence or even just a glimpse of it. Continuing to expose yourself is just a form of self torture. That's why I just do whatever makes me happy. Though it may label me as an undisciplined and self indulgent individual, at least I have the pleasure of saying that I am completely satisfied with my life. And not to many people would say that. And maybe my contentment is leading me to be stagnant in life, without motivation to change or grow or be challenged, but that is a different issue for a different day, perhaps a day when I give a damn.