Friday, November 19

Wolfgang... really I'm getting over the name. We haven't gone out yet, but I've learned a little bit about him and I'm very intimidated. The way I see it, he's some kind of genius... got his BA in philosophy and classic language and was working on his PhD. Also a musical genius. He teaches classical and jazz guitar and renaissance lute. And he plays piano. I'm scared of this guy. I'm scared of his mind. It's very sexy, but I'm very intimidated. I don't even know how to talk to him. I have so much respect for those who are musical or intellectual geniuses, because as much as I would like to... I don't encompass the mental capacity to grasp such concepts. I feel completely inadequate now. Once he meets me and figures me out, he's going to think I'm a moron. Working with kids has turned my mind to mush. My realm of existence is completely superficial. I'm not an intellect. I avoid most intellectual facets. I don't even keep up with world news. I think my best bet is to just keep asking him about himself and offer no information about myself.


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