Monday, November 8

Super fast weekend recap- Friday night was Beavers and Goosetown with Jaime. I was praised for my rendition of Like a Virgin. Saturday Jaime and I built furniture and went out for brunch. That night Jubilee, Jaime, Amy, Brent (Amy's hot friend in town from Kansas City) and I went out in Los Gatos. Afterwards we met up with the boys for late night eating. I drove the boys home and we decided to go hot tubbing. I left the room for a second and come back to find that the boys have ransacked my swim bag and Scotty is wearing one of my swimsuits. Blackmail pictures were taken. By the time we are out of the hot tub it is 6am. I head home and set my alarm for church, but in my sleep deprived disorient I sadly forget to flip the alarm on switch. I woke up an hour late. So Jaime and I run errands instead. I worked for a bit and then went home to help Jaime build more furniture. I bought a steam cleaner at the mall and went to town on the bathroom. Then we met up with Jubilee to go see Alfie which I really liked. Jude Law is pretty hot. Sunday was such a full day on just 4 hours of sleep.


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