Wednesday, February 15

What I've Been Grateful For

* The gorgeous almost summer tank top and shorts weather
* Getting Ned from Craigslist to reserve his big black 6' love sac for me and deliver it to me this weekend too all for $120.
*That Kristy is coming back so that it is my last day working with the twins meaning that I should have my free time back to focus on other projects.

*That I didn't have to work this morning and therefore ended up being able to sleep in.
* Successfully moving all my desks and needed tables into my now office/art studio.
* God answering my prayer for help being productive today.
* Finding time to petroglyph with Lani

*playing like a kid- laying in the grass, sitting up high on top of the monkey bars, wicked game of 2 square leaving me with that dirt freckled film over my fist... I even have a cut and a bandaid to go along with it.
* Finding out from my boss that I am spared from my error of overbooking myself... no overtime.
* Jamba Juice Dinner

* Having my boss unexpectedly come home relieving me from work at 1pm and giving me a huge section of my day back.
* Accomplishing the completion of a beautiful and perfect piece of art
* Lani

*new roommate who organizes the whole kitchen and relandscapes the backyard to keep herself busy
* the new addition to the couch family... the delivery of the love sac.
*motorcycle riding

* church visitors
*zac's keeping himself busy while at my house because his mere presence is enough to motivate me into cleaning mode.
*knowing we can get through the bubble bursting

* pink heart shaped pancakes and hungry little girls
* girl scout cookie delivery

*for my creation
*that there was no burger pit in the plans for the evening
*that I have a boyfriend who cleans up nicely

* being able to sleep in until noon
* that Sheila is so forgiving of me being a huge flake
* that I was able to be somewhat slightly productive

Monday, February 13

V is for Validity

Here is what's making me barf today.

I'm pretty excited about spending my first Valentine's Day with Zac. I'm trying to have little to no expectations so that I'm not at all disappointed. I know he has made a reservation at some restaurant as long as it's not the burger pit I'll be fine. Mostly I am excited because I can't wait to give him his gifts which I worked on for hours. And I probably should stop hyping it up so his expectations don't get out of control. After all, it's really not that big of a deal. It's more thoughtful and personal than anything.

I'll give you a brief history about Valentine's day and me. On a Valentine's Day long ago, there was a young beautiful girl who was occasionally and periodically dating a very handsome man who happened to be living and working up in San Francisco. This fellow of hers was the type to not be tied down with mushy overly emotional relationships and baggage, but the same could not be said about his roommate. His roommate planned to be occupying their house for the evening with his valentine day plans and requested him to make arrangements to be absent. Being an accomodating kind of guy he called up his here and there girl down in San Jose and made plans to roll on through for the evening. She made dinner and they had a nice romantic evening staying in at her place. Romance was in the air everywhere and so intoxicated with the holiday they pretended to be more than they were and took things to the bedroom. The next day he left and returned up to San Francisco and went on about his carefree womanfree life. About a month later, the beautiful young lady realized that her valentine evening love making had resulted in her coming up pregnant. The child within her womb would one day be called lizapalooza. Yes, the year was 1977. The child that was created that night is me. And Valentine's Day is what is referred to in my family as my make-me day. A day that historically throughout my youth has meant being taken out to dinner and given presents by my parents. But now I have a boyfriend and the holiday for me has transformed more into the socially explicit hallmark celebration of love and romance rather than "the day my parents got freaky and made me". So if you see me around tomorrow online or in person, remember to shout out a happy make me day to me.

Tuesday, February 7

Counting Blessings

According to John Tesh, one of the things to make you happy is to recount three things you are thankful for everyday. So I am going to try to post daily what I'm thankful for.
*Mat Kearney
*Zac introducing me to Mat Kearney