Thursday, March 25

Kitty is acting all wiggy since she got nuetered. I'll always call her a girl, even though this procedure confirms clearly that she is not. Humaro thinks I am doing mass psychological damage by referring to her in the feminine. Humaro is being more difficult than the cat though. If I broke up with him months ago then why am I still fighting with him as if we were still together? Oh Man! Carrie just called and offered to fly me up to Seattle to hang for her last official weekend there, but no can do. I have way too much stuff to do. There be plenty of time for Carrie & I to hang after the 12th when she is home home home. I've got to scrounge up some new bay area adventures for us. Email me your ideas. I always find the greatest finds from people who aren't even from here.

Monday, March 22

My Dad is going to kill me. This week it's a new $600 garage door. Next week it's a $1350 house fumigation. The next week is painting the house which I don't even want to think about how much that will cost. And then the big weekend when I get new carpet installed in the livingroom, hallway, and a bedroom, paint the livingroom and hallway, uninstall and dispose of not good enough hot tub, install lightpost, dig up most of the trees and shrubbery in the front yard and plant prettier ones, install garage door opener.... And then in May I hope to lay cement to widen my driveway and make a pathway around the house. And No I CANNOT help in these endeavors financially because I have to give back my roommates deposits, pay for traffic school, neuter my cat, and pay for a new car insurance policy all very unexpectedly.

Sunday, March 21

My blessed exboyfriend Humaro spent all day today transplanting Polly's grass sod into my lawn. My mom broke my garage door and left. And I left the boy slaving away and headed to church, grocery store, H. Depot twice, and to visit my father. How was I such a lucky girl to get such a wonderful exboyfriend. And why exactly is he so nice to me? Because I'm not always that nice to him, so what is this boy's motivation to bend over backwards to help me... me, the girl who wasn't all that nice to him in the first place and then dropped him like a bowling ball. And at the end of the day, no kidding, the words... "Anytime, whenever you need help". I don't quite get his feelings of obligation, but he is certainly teaching me a lesson today on being more Christ like. Then it was movie night tonight. I watched Pirates of the Carribean with the skier crew from last weekend. I've got to go to bed. So tired... despite the lack of actual work that I did today.
... (singing) getting a new garage door, getting a new garage door...

I have been having some great days. Starting with Wednesday. I had the morning off, finally went to the doctor for that hideous cough that annoys everybody else, my baby started to crawl, MY BEST FRIEND GOT THE JOB HERE AND IS MOVING HOME!!!! I am so excited about this. I have our summer all planned out with trips and adventures. Thursday was good too because Zac miraculously got us tickets to the sold out Switchfoot concert at the filmore. Switchfoot is my very favorite band and I was seriously bumming when I found out it was sold out. I was kicking myself hard for not being all on top of it... and then Zac pops up with tix. God bless this guy and God bless his boss who gave us the tix. The concert was GREAT!!! They played some old stuff too which was great because I was worried they just do the new album. I accidentally bought a Switchfoot sweatshirt breaking my lent promise to God not to do any clothes shopping. The thing that tricked me up was that I was at a concert. I wasn't out "shopping". I didn't walk into a store. I didn't even realize what I had done until the next day. I've put the sweatshirt in my closet not to be worn until after Easter, even though I really want to wear it to church this morning. I've messed up on 2 of my 5 lent promises. The other one was no daytime television. I snuck a peek at the last 10 minutes of Days of our Lives. Did I mention that I am so excited Carrie is coming home. This may call for another party. We'll see. So Kitty these days now knows how to get over the fence and go visit the little old couple who live behind me, and the two little girls next door, and the killer dog who belongs to the Sherriff who lives two houses over. I have to get this cat neutered. It is suppose to lessen their roaming habits. All day long yesterday, I helped Polly dig up her grass which I am transplanting into my yard. So today I have to get a crew together to work my yard. And mysteriously my bathtub is not draining, so that also makes today a plumbing day. Well, I better get this day started cause there is a ton to do.

Monday, March 15

Red Red Oh Me!
Went skiing yesterday with no sunscreen on. This morning I smear on green goop to tone down this redness. My ears did not do so good on the whole altitude transition. Tried all the tricks, steaming my ear, chewing gum, trying to yawn but no pops... just a the world in a softer quite version and my voice coming out really obnoxiously loud in my own head. I'm a bit better now but my ear still aching. Calves were in so much pain from this unfamiliar form of exercise that I quit half day. Experience makes me crave snowboarding where there is more comfortable boots and less equipment to carry.

Thursday night I went and hit up the private premier opening of GLO, a new club venture of Hugo's. I ran into the long lost Joey Lopes who is apparenly aiming for the Fabio look these days. But it was a good evening. Eliza, Davlyn, Christopher and friends joined me from SF even.

Tuesday, March 9

So much to tell you about the last week and a half. Soon I will find more time to actually write something here with literary value, but for now we'll just catch up to speed.
1. Seattle- boring. Helped Carrie move all weekend. That's it. Regardless of what changes may occur in her life, I will not be helping her move again for a 9 month minimum and especially if the move does not entail her moving home to Cali.
2. Hmph! I don't even recall what I did last week. Apparently nothing special, so I'll skip to this weekend. Friday night my mom had insanely bad gullstone attack. We all thought her gull bladder had burst and she was dying. She was doubled over in pain and between moans and groans was vommitting lime green bile. She spent all evening long in the ER waiting room and was seen 12 hours later. They gave her pain medication and an ultrasound and an appt with a specialist who was suppose to refer her for a surgical consult. But they didn't give the referrel. Instead they submit her case to a board that takes a few weeks to decide whether her case is urgent enough to operate on. Doesn't this seem all screwy... letting her just bath in pain and misery while they go through this long bureaucratic procedure!?! Ya keep her in your prayers.
3. Carrie was in town for the weekend. We relived Valentine's day minus pedicures and Willow Street Pizza. Saturday night we went to this new place I hadn't even heard of... Goosetown. I know dumb name, but I loved this place... it's a dive karoake bar in Willow Glen. So much fun. And then we went to the good old Almaden Britania Arms. I hate that place. There is no diversity in the crowd there. They are basically all pothead with loser jobs. There are very few exceptions. I'm embarrassed to be seen there. And someplace along the evening I managed to lose my cell phone.

There is so much more to tell you about, but I have this new goal of going to bed much earlier than my normal midnight. I need more sleep and maybe if I was more well rested, I would have more productive days and be able to pull myself out of bed earlier and have energy to leave my house at a decent time to avoid getting to work late, thus making my employer late to her job. So goodnight!