Sunday, May 30

Unproductivity is running ramped with me lately. I didn't really leave the house at all today, despite the fact that I woke up at 11 and dressed to go running. At 9:30 I finally ditched the sports bra to change into sweats and go to the movies with Haylee. We saw SAVED! which was hilariously somewhat accurate in some aspects, just taken to extremes. They villanized the Jesus freaks and glorified the "campus heathens". But this isn't far from the truth sometimes. In reality, there are many Christians who miss the point and end up not acting Christ like at all and there are tons out there just faking the funk and hiding all their imperfections behind a super righteous facade. And there are non Christians who are such awesome people that they exemplify to me how to be more Christlike. And if more good but imperfect people filled our churches than righteous faking hypocrites, well then maybe society wouldn't hold such a grudge on religion and maybe our society would see the good in striving for a higher moral standard for ourselves and our generation. Basically, there are some nice people and some mean people in the world. And there are Christians and non Christians on both sides of the fence. And if you focus on all that then you too are missing the point. The point is that nobody is perfect. We are all screw ups even if you pretend not to be. I may be pretty good, but I'm not perfect and I'm not pretending to be. I don't hide my mistakes or the fact that there are some mistakes I keep making over and over again. If I was perfect, then I wouldn't need Jesus. If I was perfect, then I'd be able to just save myself. Next time you see some Christian who is missing the point and acting high and mighty, just remind yourself that they are Christians because deep down they know they suck and need Jesus to save them from themselves just as much as the drug dealer down the street or the pedifile or the murderer or the saint. We all fall into that category of losers. The point is knowing how to deal with our own fallibility. The point is to give up relying on ourselves and let a loving God who is bigger and better than us all give us the help we all really need. Alright. Mini sermon over. I'm feeling productive. I'm going to go pay bills and run errands.

Wednesday, May 26

I had a very scary episode the Monday night. I bought a scale finally seeing that Mel took hers with her when she moved out. So it's been about a month and a half since I last weighed myself. And BOOM!!! It says I've gained 15 pounds putting me in that weight category that I swore to myself I would never be in. I immediately start popping both Xenadrine and Metabolife and doing a 1 1/2 hour workout of treadmill, eleptical, and abs every afternoon while the baby naps. I start eating rice crackers and other healthy stuff. By Tuesday I was down 3 pounds and tonight I am down 5, so that is just a tad bit of a relief. The big relief is when Carrie weighs her tiny self before she goes on her 6 mile a day run (I should be joining her) and tells me this scale is way off. I didn't set the scale. I didn't know I needed too. It was 12 pounds off. That was a HUGE relief. But still I had gained a little weight which I knew already by the way my clothes were fitting. I'm glad I got all freaked because I needed to work on it anyways. Mid June I'm going on a "Trust Me" Weekend where 30 of us sign up and pay money for some all-inclusive surprise mystery adventure put together by our friend, Randy, and we just trust him on the fact that it will be the best time ever, but we don't know where we are going or what we are doing. Our only clue is that we'll need our bathing suits. I have just a few weeks to get to bathing suit bombshell condition. I think I'll keep up the routine until then (unless it kills me first).

Monday, May 24

Mover's Remorse
I'm feeling sorry for Melanie today. Apparently she is regretting moving out of my house. And unfortunately I only have the small room left and I know her stuff won't fit in there so chances are she can't come back. This weekend I signed a contract with my new roommate, Jubilee... moving in July but will be in Costa Rica for the first month. I love Costa Rica, my favorite place in the world is Arenal, so I'm toying with the idea of going to visit her. If I use her deposit to buy my airline ticket then it might just work.... hmmm. Today was my first day back in "the office" after a week of vacation. I had dinner with my bosses tonight to catch up. Yummy teriyaki chicken and sushi!

Sunday, May 23

Yesterday was filled with fun, parties, and friends. The morning was consumed with a garage sale where I made very little money, but lots of friends stopped by during. At Ben and Shannon's engagement party there were lots of old friends who I hadn't seen in years. There was old loves and new loves and one big celebration of love and friends and family and friends who feel like family. Then I headed over to Peggy and Sherman's for a yummy luau where I made a few new friends and found interesting new connections between my web of friends. Then Haylee and I headed up to Palo Alto to go out with Shawn and his whole crew of friends. These guys are always so much fun to go out with. More friends came and met up so we were rolling pretty deep. We found chairs to stand on and sake to bomb before heading to a few clubs to dance. All were glad that me and my sobreity were around at the end of the night. There was no sober driver in Shawn's group so me and Haylee split up and got them all home safely. I get home to discover that for the 2nd time this week, Jasmine the frog has escaped and is hopping around the house. Haylee finds her in her room on her tv screen. Ariel escaped Friday night and we haven't found her yet so I think that froggy has gone to find a new pond elsewhere. Maybe K Meow Meow took her to the pond in the sky.

Thursday, May 20

I've had the whole week off of work and haven't done a whole lot. My grand dreams of being super ultra productive have been replaced with bouts of watching movies and sleeping and waiting till the last possible moment to shower and leave the house. I did make some new friends and went out with them, and I did organize the bathroom shelves, but that is about all. The weekend was highly productive but that's because I had Carrie with me. We rode along side a motorcycle gang on their mecca to Hollister and then went to Monterey for some yummy fresh crabmeat sandwiches on the wharf, we had an OD moment over at Ghiradelli before we headed to Target for new house essentials, and then icing on the cake was visiting Michael (who use to be my foster son), and then we even stopped to do some damage at the outlets on the way home. Big day. That was just Saturday. Sunday was more chill starting with church, sweet tomatoes, pedicures, unpacking Carrie and settling her into her new place, and strolling down to NOLA's for a late dinner. I'm going to try to sway Jason over to NOLA's again tonight. I can't get enough of this Cajun fusion menu. Mmmm.

Tuesday, May 11

Wow! It's been a dang long time since I've post a thing. That party was almost a month ago. Since then I've been living in a pretty plush slightly pink life... new paint, new carpet, new tile, new plumbing, new bills, new friends, new roommates, new dreams and ambitions, but still the old me and my getting very tired problems. Tonight I had my dad over for manicotti and to show off the pretty new changes to my house... a much needed visual for him on where his money is going.