Tuesday, December 23

Took this test this morning and wow!
INFJ - "Author". Strong drive and enjoyment to help others. Complex personality. 1.5% of total population.
Take Free Myers-Briggs Personality Test

Introverted (I) 51.72% Extroverted (E) 48.28%
Intuitive (N) 51.43% Sensing (S) 48.57%
Thinking (T) 50% Feeling (F) 50%
Judging (J) 53.33% Perceiving (P) 46.67%

After some research I dig up this:
Possible Career Paths for the INFJ:
Clergy / Religious Work
Medical Doctors / Dentists
Alternative Health Care Practitioners, i.e. Chiropractor, Reflexologist
Counselors and Social Workers
Musicians and Artists
Child Care / Early Childhood Development

Dead On or what? No wonder I am unhappy with my current office job and am attempting to quit to be a nanny again so I can focus on my church ministry providing career counseling. Hmmm... It all makes sense.

And then I find something like a blog ring for INJF's.
My Bloginality is INFJ!!!

The more I read the more just completely dead on it is. Kinda freaky.

Thursday, December 18

Old Habits Die Hard. I think I've somehow stumbled into a commitment that I'm not ready to take on. I have unfinished business to take care of. Old habits haunt me and make it so so hard. I'm not ready to give in. All the time energy and emotion, the loyalty and dedication, the endless build up... and now I try to abandon it all. I didn't try to abandon though. I just fell into a conflicting situation... a sort of unsaid commitment... something sweet and beautiful but also scary and unstable. Is it any surprise that the build up doesn't cease, that the anxiety and regrets of complacency are as fresh as the mornings harvest?
Surburban Surprises
As I pull into my driveway little smiling faces peek out at me from a large SUV that pulls in behind. Perfect timing for an 11:30 rendevouz with my precious neice and nephew from SoCal. I was much disappointed to hear that my late office hours made me miss their first impromptu drive by. I hop in for a few songs in the car, some games, and some showing off of my new christmas ornament and some hugs and kisses goodnight.

I'm so glad someone has pictoral documentation of Sherry's art opening.

My work is done! Check out my good deed of the day... lending fashion sense to my hopeless and colorblind coworkers:

Morning email dialogue-
Andy- Are you in the office?
Me- Yes
OK, remember when I wore the red sweater and green cords a month of so ago . . . and you said I looked like Christmas? Well, because the attire for today's meeting and dinner said holiday/business casual, I've decided to wear the outfit again. brown or black shoes with the outfit? I know, you would probably say to wear something different altogether, but the sweater and cords are already on, so now I just need to decide on the shoes!
Are you sure I can't convince you to change all together? Red sweater & brown cords maybe? Either way we go with brown shoes. ;)
See you tonight.

light or dark brown cords?
Either would be an improvement but maybe lean towards dark.
done. Thanks!

Wednesday, December 17

When you can't fix your own life, practicing by fixing the lives of those around you. That way you never lose the spirit of betterment.

Where have I been? Well Friday I went up to Remedy with Kelvyn and finally got my fix of those great crepes they have across the way... well worth the 40 minute wait in the cold but I wish I had ordered two of them. Saturday, Ann & Felipe got married. Sunday, Humaro came to church with me and then I napped until it was time to go to our church holiday party where we all sat around eating and watching survivor. Work week was more fun like it use to be when I started this job. I escaped all the work that isn't really mine and just focused on my job... tracking productivity... complex and colorful spreadsheets... compiling reports... crunching numbers... and being hopeful that maybe some of my team will make their goals this quarter and we can stop being the black sheep of the sales efforts. It makes me wonder if I really want to leave the company or if the sunny side of things will come now that we will have a merchandiser again. Well, resumes went out this week regardless. But now I am focusing my attention on others whose lives need more work than mine. Others whose problems are not overwhelming to me and that I find fixable even though they may be large.

Friday, December 12

Playing Dress-up
My cousin left today. There was still so many things we had hoped to do. We really are nothing alike, but all the time people say they see the resemblance. Differences are numerous... east coast/west coast, petite/full figured, naturally blond/brunette, curly/straight, modern retro/conservative, free thinker/set in conformity, talkative/quiet, etc. Similarities... our laugh and loving furs. While she was here we were able to go get our grandmother's fur coats from my dad's house. And with 15 grand worth of exquisite vintage name brand threads we couldn't help but recreate a reminiscent "dress-up" time like we did as kids complete with photo shoot.

Tuesday, December 9

I'm passing along this email I got from Sherry yesterday! All you East Coaster's should go check her out...
"Dear fantastic recipient of this email:

your super presence is requested Saturday December 13th at I-20 gallery, 529
West 20th St (top floor), NYC, at 6-8 pm for the unveiling of my new series
of pictures on Dante's Inferno. My show is called "In the dark dark wood"
and it is presented alongside an installation by Kristian Burford. You must
be there or I will kick you in the shins.

Also Friday night I've got a painting at Kravets and Wehby gallery in a
group show - 521 West 21st Street, (ground floor). That's opening 6-8 as
I must say I worked really really hard so please come party with me. Also I
apologize if anyone was neglected in the past few months since I haven't
left the house. And a final also - keep on rocking in the free world and
feel free to fwd this email to everyone you know. Everyone. Seriously. wheeeeee! sherry "


Sunday, December 7

A Celebration of New Beginnings!! Justice Has Been Delivered!! This was a very long day filled with birth and joy! Morning started with news of my two dear friends expecting child. This couple met at one of my parties and they are both so special to me and now I am so excited for them. I cried tears of joy upon hearing stories of their excitement and strength going into this journey. The afternoon was peaceful filled with napping and laundry until my cousin called. Vanessa had given birth and brought Justice into this world. I went down to the hospital and witnessed the first union of mother and super baby. It was such a special thing to witness. It was so beautiful and for me very daunting. Raylene and I left the hospital rejoicing and singing praises to Justice in the form of "Zion" by Lauren Hill. We headed to my very favorite restaurant (La Fondue) for a celebratory feast. Pablo and his friend joined us and we all left feeling quite merry and having new understanding for the sin of gluttony. Here's just a few pics of Justice Elijah for now.

Saturday, December 6

Change of Plans
So my date for the evening just called me to say that there's a change of plans. Rather than going to his company Christmas party, we'll probably just go to the movies instead. Theorettically the important thing is that we are together and it doesn't necessarily matter what we do. But in actuality, it sucks because this boy just doesn't know how I've been dress shopping consistently for just the right thing to wear since he asked me. And how I've literally gone out and gotten 4 dresses and was debating which one to go with while curling my hair when he calls me up and lets me know all this. Now all that stressing and primping and anxious anxiety will simmer down to a laid back jeans and tshirt night. My company doesn't have a real company christmas party. No company I've been with has so I was kind looking forward to checking his out. But I understand. Work tensions arise and then you realize you'd rather avoid these people because as is you'll be dreading monday. Well the dresses won't go to waste. I've got 6 other events to attend between now and Christmas.

Destined for the West
Oh! And picked up my cousin Ray from the airport today. She harldy made it with the east coast blizzard inforcing a white-out. All flights before and after hers cancelled. They douse her plane in green antifreeze before taking off. And my girlie comes with fruity jelly candy treats for lunch... appropriate after having peppermint chocolate for breakfast. And tucked away in her luggage was a little sometin' sometin' for me. She brought me one of her unique foam lights (FuBright) she's been making and selling in little Williamsburg artsy design boutiques. Check out her other stuff too! And got to see the V-girl and her big belly full of Justice ready to explode. Child to debut around I believe no later than the 9th because if this natural inducements don't work, I think the doctors may pitch in a helping hand.

Friday, December 5

What are the chances that I would spill hot tea all over my desk and my pants twice in the same week? Apparently the odds are better than I would have imagined. Wait until Cindy comes back from lunch to see the shape I'm in. I'm blaming this one on lack of sleep and poor eye hand coordination as a result of this cold I've got. Well at least my pants have dried off quickly and tea leaves virtually no stains.

So I thought this was pretty funny! I found it on the onion. Check out Duane's article.

Thursday, December 4

*Yawn* So Tired!

Believe it or not I missed the OC last night. What was so important that I was not in front of my TV at 9 o'clock??? Well, my dear old friend Lorrie and the accumulation of even more clothes. I get along so beautifully with this girl which I think should be a compliment to me because she is fairly judgemental of people and doesn't like alot of people and she'll tell you too. We have no recollection of how we ended up parting ways and losing touch, but the next thing we know it has been something like 3 years since we'd last seen each other. We know it wasn't due to some fight because we just never fought. There was a party at her house all my friends went to once, but I was in Vegas that weekend. And I told them all to tell her I missed her, but nothing came of it. Then last weekend she came to church!! Yeah! And we discovered that we both don't really have lives said we should get together sometime. But after re-exchanging numbers you never really know these days whether people mean that stuff or if it's just politeness and social expectations doing the talking. So I was really excited when she called last night and asked if I wanted to hang out. We hit up some Chevy's and it was like we picked up right were we left off. Reminiscing and swapping secrets and disclosing the behind-the-scenes truths... it was great... Because I don't have enough girl friends. And then we went back to her house and she gave me all these clothes she was getting rid of, because back in the day we always shared clothes. And even though we grew apart we happened to separately grow into alot of simularities. My excitement when I discover that she owns Buffy seasons 1-4!! And then we headed to my house and she went through all my clothes. And I'm glad we have this opportunity to reconnect and be there for each other now. And then I was up talking on the phone into the too late hours of the night. I couldn't get up this morning. 9 finally gets me up and at em. Beginnings are beautiful. When everyday feels like a new beginning, now that something else.

Wednesday, December 3

Aldous Huxley: genius!
*"Technological progress has merely provided us
with more efficient means for going backwards."
*"An intellectual is a person who has discovered
something more interesting than sex."
*"There isn't any formula or method.
You learn to love by loving."
*"In the course of history many more people have died
for their drink and their dope
than have died for their religion or their country."
*"The more powerful and original a mind,
the more it will incline towards the religion of solitude."
*"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored."
*"Chastity... the most unnatural of all the sexual perversions."

Tuesday, December 2

The fear is setting in. I just heard a horror story about having a tooth extracted. Hmmm. Maybe it's fine in there, maybe it will get better in time. I bet once it breaks skin everything will be okay. I've gotten quite use to the lisp I speak with to lessen the pain of pronouncing an "S".
This morning for about 15 minutes I went back to the mind set of wanting to be a doctor or at least a nurse, but after that story I'm reminded of how squimish I can be and why I'm not in med school as we speak.

"The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love." -Galatians 5:6b

Monday, December 1

I sway back and forth on how tolerable this job is. Today I ache because I've got a wisdom tooth coming in, the pressure is additionally giving me a headache, I've spilled tea all over my desk and slacks this morning and my boss has caught up with me on a project I neglected and can't obtain the information to complete so today this job is not very tolerable. I have hopes of leaving early and going to the gym in hopes that it will become more tolerable tomorrow. Tonight I will drown it all away with a good workout and a bit of dress shopping. Tomorrow at 5 I reunite with my dear dentist. Although I'd like to see it stay the tooth comes out and that should both help and hinder.

Oh-so-sweetness found just in time for the romantic holiday season. Year and a half later I set my mind to not be shy and make it happen for myself. And a level of comfortness obtained that a shy me couldn't have reached for another few months.

This weekend I headed back to SJ early and went out with Mr. Gates of Seattle. Been around the world looking for my baby... but she was not available for party mode being done in by cramps. I could have told her that was coming and I probably should have put out my traditional warning, but forgot in after party commotion. Met up with the PMS princess back at the hotel in the wee three o'clock hour and that is all the presence I would be graced with this time around. I scrummaged the garage for lights, ornaments, decor and the fake tree. Half way through with the whole holiday set up. And then tonight I recieve an email telling me the my cousin is coming next weekend from NYC to witness the birth of the Vanessa baby. I'll get to snag a little artsy creative reinforcements from this east coast design goddess.