Wednesday, April 21

Party was it's typical success. No pics though because I still haven't gotten around to buying a new digital. I have probably 100 jello shots left over in my refrigerator. So far this week, I have attempted everyday to tile my entry way, but only really started it tonight with the help of Jerome, my completely unrelated brother. I'm helping keep him out of trouble by making him commit to help me with all my silly little projects every single night. Actually they aren't silly projects. My entry way (although not finished) looks great. Tommorrow we clear out the bedrooms because come Friday morning, workers come to install carpet for me. And then Friday night I play musical furniture in an attempt to refill the bedrooms and clear the living room (piano included) for Saturday's big work day when the living room & hall get carpeted. I have so many supplies to buy for the big work day but completely ran out of money with just the tile and carpet (and party). Looks like I'll be spending most of Friday night cashing my check and picking out paint and other house stuff. Carrie is gone for a few days and I'm using the time to let kitty back in the house. Oh! I just remembered that I was suppose to go feed my mom's dog tonight while she's out of town. Good thing I drank that coke and am still awake.

Friday, April 16

Tuesday, April 13

I heard that the house I grew up in is empty and I think the owner is looking to sell. My mom always loved that house. It is right in the heart of Willow Glen walking distance to the little downtown strip and I always dreamed of getting that house for her. So on a whim this morning I go to and what do you know... I get approved for a $540,000 home loan. The payments are beyond what I make though. But knowing that it is in an option makes me want to search for another house for her that is maybe a bit smaller and less expensive and in a not so over priced neighborhood. First I have to finish dumping money into my house and then see what my mom gets from her lawsuit because we may be able to use it for a down payment. And I should pay off a few bills and maybe open a bank account. I realize it would be crazy for me to jump into this right away. There is a lot of preparation and research to do. My mom agrees that the banks must be crazy to agree to lend me so much money with my bad credit and low income. I should get a second job right away. I'm going to go search the internet.

Monday, April 12

Tuesday, April 6

Today I made a big fort in the living room out of sheets and pillows and chairs and blankets and baby and I played in their all day long. She took extra long nap today... 11 to 2:30... ya 3+ hours of me getting paid to chill and sleep. Life is maybe too easy for me, so I've been thinking about making it interesting and becoming a pampered chef consultant on the side. Good news this morning, Ciara is moving out which is great because I don't have to kick her out. AND mom gave in and is letting me have the gorgeous new refrigerator that her friend is getting rid of. She had wanted it so badly, but realized she moves too much and that is not good for the refrigerator. But this rises the need for a truck and I don't have one. I need more friends with trucks, because my only truck friend can't give hers up until Saturday and that just doesn't work for me. Hmmm. I got my laptop cord today so I can start using that since my desktop is going bezerk. And that means I can finally work on my lizapalooza jellofest flyers. It's only a week and a half away. So much to do still. I should start with cleaning my room. Tonight I was reading Mimi Smartypants and she goes into this thing about how she is so obsessed with her daughter that if she didn't live with her, she would be totally google-stalking her. I've totally google-stalked people I just haven't ever heard it coined up in one phrase. Hilarious. Those who know me well, know that I stalk. I don't act on anything, just stalk. It's really harmless as long as the person your stalking doesn't know you are doing it and as long as no major lines of privacy are crossed. But hey, if I don't have the nerve to call someone up and see how they are doing, why not just google-stalk them and figure it out for yourself.

Friday, April 2

Back to the Hotel
Fumigation is over and I am finally back in my house and back on the internet. But all the food is still in my car. And the cats are still at my mom's. The left over fumes stung my eyes last night when I came home so I thought it best to open the windows and go back to mom's for just one more night. Big ambitious plan for the weekend: take advantage of the empty kitchen and line the cabinet shelves, swap in a new refrigerator, take my old garage door and a huge antenae that came down from the roof to the dump, chop down an ugly prickly tree, help paint my mom's friend's house, bring pets home...
So I got a new roommate to replace Melanie. Her name is Haylee and I like her alot. She works at a Marriott too so automatically scoring brownie points. Ciara on the other hand (replaced my spare bedroom/closet/sewing room) is going just borderline because in my ad I said non smoker and this chica is cancer stick dependent. She doesn't smoke inside, but that scent still follows her around and I'm scared it will stick to the furniture. I know I have to have a "talk" with her, but really it just sucks to have to be in the position at all. Have I mentioned that I'm having a party on the 17th for Carrie coming home. If my computer can not crash for just 20 minutes or so, you may see a pimp flyer coming out sometime soon.