Saturday, March 26

Tomorrow I fly to Miami where I leave for an 11 day Caribbean cruise trip with my clients. I can't wait. But let me tell you, with less than 24 hours to go, I feel like my vacation already started. Today was an awesome day of pampering (and blowing money)....manicure, pedicure, wax, parafin, smoothies, taco salads, and bikini shopping. Now I am so excited about the swim suit I bought (as I should be ecstatic about it considering the amount of dough I dropped on it). And actually I have to pause here to plug Canyon Beachwear for being one of the few stores with hot fun swim suits in my size and a bonus for not having stick figure anorexic girls working there to make you feel even more insecure than this process would make you feel to begin with. Ok, the swim suit... It is a very nice plainly elegant chocolate brown 2 piece. But then I got this little cover up skirt that is insanely hot. It's white with pink and brown dots on it. Then I found this pink tshirt that matches it perfectly and all together it looks way hot. Not only does it look great on, but I feel like I'm nineteen when I wear it. It's so fun (and hot). It looks really good. Then I bought a brown and a white tank top that also match. Then I found the cutest brown Roxy flip flops with the little Roxy logo in pink. And then I found this great brown and pink trucker hat so I am completely all matchy. I can't wait to hit the beach this summer with my friends. So today ate about $400 of my spending money for the trip, but o-well.

Digging It: Live 105.3 is having "What Would Jesus Play" weekend in honor of Easter and let me tell you... Jesus rocks! but I already knew that.

Tonight I went to a farewell party for the Lewis family, one of my more significant clients I worked for in my younger days. They are moving to Bend, OR. I cared for their children from when their oldest was 1 until he was 5. Now he's 9. The party was filled with all these children that I use to know, that I use to babysit. It's so strange to see how kids grow up when you miss 4 year gaps of their lives.

Thursday, March 24

Despite the fact that it was storming Kelvyn and I still decided to hop in my little car Tuesday night with chains in tow and head to Tahoe. Destination- We decided on Heavenly because the roads to all other resorts were closed down. We sat there for 1 1/2 hours waiting while highway 50 was closed. My dad owns a place up there and my godfather lives there, so that's where we stayed. It had been 5 years since I had been there. I love that neighborhood. I have so many fond memories there. Snowboarding was alright. It was snowing pretty hard and the top of the mountain was was so bad that all I could see was white. It was beautiful though. It was Kelvyn's first time so there was a fair amount of babysitting but he picked it up really well towards the end... until he fell and bruised a rib. He's doing better today.

Monday, March 21

Great Weekend... Starting with Friday night's Crepes and Karoake. It was an awesome night. Although we ditched the karoake for the tune deaf half of our group and decided on a game called Loaded Questions (10x more fun). It was hilarious. Common repeated answers sporadically thrown in for a good laugh... doug 8, land before time, and liz. They made me an answer for everything. And we did some taste testing with crepe batter. Buttermilk batter is winning. It was one long night of laughter. I got home and to bed about 11 :30. That's when my night of no sleep began. Starting with a 1am call from Scott begging me to join the KAK house crew at our corner all night eatery, Kook Lounge was still serving drinks when we got there. Then once back in bed at 2:30 I was awoken about an hour later by my radio turning itself on full blast. I had earlier presumed the batteries to be dead, but was apparently wrong. Then at 4am I recieve a drunken call from Sunstar in LA who wants to discuss his legal options regarding his pending lawsuit. I need to start turning the phone off when I go to bed.

Sunday I spent the whole day with the Skarbek boys.... church, card games and pizza, their parent's house for pancakes and bible study, and back to their house for more games. It was a really great time.

Looking Forward- If your a fan of Japenese culture or watch a lot of Cartoon Network, you'll understand. I bought tickets to Puffy AmiYumi. This is not P-Diddy's cousin. This is a Japanese Rock Duo and these girls are playing the Warfield next month. Haven't a clue who they are? Neither did I until they got their own life based cartoon and my kids happen to be hooked. I'm not bringing kids to concert though. I'm a fan on my own accord.

Thursday, March 17

"Is that why you became a chef? So people would like you?" - Chandler to Monica in Friends Episode entitled "The One With All The Candy". I laughed right out loud when he said it. But then I thought about it and it kind of applied to me. That just might be why I do the things I do. Speaking of... I'm hosting yet another free crepe night in conjunction with a Karoake Revolution night at Emilie's tomorrow. We are going bowling afterwards.

So last night I bless the Skarbek brothers with 2 dozen or so of my excellent Gorum cookies (spicy chocolate). Well, their mama must have raised them on bland food, because the Skarbek boys can't handle the spice. So how do I win over this household if not through food? I pay them off, of course! Actually, Dan taught me how to play poker on Monday so I played with them last night. And I lost, of course. But I'm okay with losing my money to the boys. It's better than casino gambling. I look at it like investing in your friends. Besides, sometimes I won. I just lost more than I won. The night also included making smores and lemonade. And watching a movie... I think it was called Cube Zero. It was trippy, but good.

I changed the name of my crepe business again. First it was crepes and coffee. Then it was Crepes a la Cart. Then it was Urban Crepe ( which is still actually my favorite). But now it looks like I'm going with Holy Crepe. I know it's a little cheesy and pretty dang hokey, but I feel compelled to go with it. I spent yesterday at Kelvyn's house designing my new logo which I'll post here soon (So check back). It's so nice to work on his graphics software versus creating junk in Windows Paint program or Powerpoint or Word. The lines are straighter and that makes all the difference to a perfectionist like myself.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 14

I need to pray more often because God totally answers prayers. This weekend I spent more money than I should have. And looking at the bill payments scheduled to go out of my account later this week, I knew I was going to be screwed. So I prayed about. I figured if push came to shove I could ask for a midweek payment from my boss. Then I remember that I did a job for my old boss a few weeks back and he owed me money. He had mistakenly written the check for $125 more than he should have and I was waiting for him to mail me a new check for the right amount. I know he's forgotten to send it so I call and he says to just go ahead and keep the extra money because he knows he'll need my help again soon. So crisis averted. Thank God.

Feeling ever so inspired by the beautiful weather and the safeway sales ad, I decided to throw a Headstart-On-Summer BBQ yesterday. Just some friends and me barbecuing and playing a little croquet at the park across the street. (I placed dead last). Later we headed back to my house for crepes. We had a real good time. And there is so much more I would say, but this is a public blog.

Thursday, March 10

After a 12 hour long day at work, I come home bare footed. Shoes are lost. Can't find them. Maybe the kids hid them. Couldn't ask. They were sleeping. Spent 15 minutes searching, but no luck. And after such a long day, I look forward to a 36 hour break away. I have all day tommorrow off to be productive and work on the business. Today on a 1 1/2 hour break I suffered through rush hour traffic to get to our closest Ikea to buy some cheap desk that will serve as an extension to my current set up. I'm lacking a good office space for this business work.

Monday, March 7

*Long long ago in February is where we left off. The Northstar trip went great. My clients gave me lift tickets for the other two days that I snowboarded. And I ended up teaching myself how to snowboard the "right way" because after a day and a half the "wrong way" starts to kill your muscles. By the end of my 3rd day, I looked like a legitimate snowboarder. At one point I saw an instructor point at me at say "like that girl". I fell 50 yards later. Funniest part was that the boys from the rental shop were really jocking the hot pink and bright yellow ski goggles (circa 1980's) that I was sporting and kept trying to desperately talk me into trading them for one of their new pairs.

*Last weekend, my beloved TiTi and Sally (Tara & Shawn) moved to Newport Beach. :( So we had them go out with a bang. Friday night trip to Miyake's/Rudy's. Saturday night KAK house had a party in their honor. Both nights were fairly mellow comparitively. Very sad to see them go.

*I have been working alot lately. If I'm not nannying, then I'm at school. If I'm not at school, then I'm doing my medical billing job I picked up for my massage therapist. And when I have any time off at all, I find myself obsessing about house chores that have been neglected instead of focusing on my far more important and equally neglected crepe business. So I used this last day off to put adds up on craigslist to find myself some help. I hired a handyman, a gardener, and a housecleaner. And in less than a week already my garbage disposal is fixed, the dishwasher drain is no longer flooding the counters, xmas stuff is packed up and back in the garage, the living room table has come back inside. I feel like I've made enough of a dent on my surrounding that I can now divert my energy back into the business.

*Finding amusing: Going back to school means that I've submerged myself back into the realm of alot of 20 year olds. So this guy in my class asks me how old I am. I tell him I'm older than I look. So he guesses that I'm 22. 22? How old did he originally think I was? 19? Then, all of Jack's friends don't believe him when he tells them I'm 27. They all think I'm 21. But they are a group of 8 year olds so what do they know.

*So I know you all want to know what happened with my mother. Well, I came back from my trip and she was at my house. When I pushed the issue, she informed me of what is proper daughter protocol for such situations (in her world). Apparently, I was suppose to interject, tell off my boss, and quit my job. Well, I can't say I agree with this reasoning. First off, I'm really not a confrontational person. Secondly, this is my main source of income we are talking about. I would go far into debt without it. So the way she sees it, I've disrespected her and am a horrible daughter.

*Then to add insult of injury... and I do realize what horrible timing this was. The next day I come home and my mom is chilling at my house AGAIN... why is she at my house?? how is she getting in?? So I ask her if she could please call me and ask permission before she stops by. And if she can stop leaving my garage door cracked open (how she's getting in) because it's unsafe and it gives anybody access to the whole house. Well, she argues that then she can't access her stuff she has stored in my garage at her convenience. And I say it's not suppose to be at her convenience because she doesn't live here. And then she goes irrational about how it's her house (it's not). And I don't know how to discuss stuff with her if she isn't going a rational train of thought. Now she's not speaking to me again (or still). So Whatever. I'm putting her stuff in a storage unit, paying the first 3 months and letting her decide what she wants to do with it after that, but it's not coming back in my garage.

*I'm sad to report the death of my hard drive. It lived a long life from 2000 to 2005. It spent its years accumulating a wealth of knowledge and momentos which it never bothered to back up. It takes to the grave 2 years worth of digital pictures, many various versions of my resume, all contact information and distribution lists, and over 1000 songs that had been downloaded. It leaves behind one sad owner who luckily the day before had accumulated a brand new computer and only regrets not having the C drive transfered over sooner.

*Today is what I'd call a fake summer day. It's far from summer, but it was such a nice and beautiful day out. So me and the kids made water balloons and then threw them in the pool and then changed into our suits and attempted to go swimming. But the pool was so cold that we opted for gathering our balloons and heading to the hot tub with them.

Friday, March 4

Really, I was going to stay home and catch up on my blogging, BUT... Eliza's partying downtown and how can I say no.