Monday, November 22

The Organizers: John, Liz & Rich
my people
liz&phil liz & walker
Phil Stephanie
phatty&kari liz,eli,tara
Phatty (Nick) & Kari / Me, Eli & Tara
rolyn,liz,mel,gina rich,liz,tara,pedro
Rolyn,Me, Mel, Gina/ Rich,Me, Tara, Pedro
kelvyn&liz eliza&girls
Kelvyn & Me/ Eliza & her friends whose names I forget
tara,shawn,liz liz&marcos
Tara, Shawn & Me/ Me & Marcos

That is just far too many pictures of me for one post. O-well. Party was wonderfully glorious. Great turnout, lots of friends, good times and no major hicups. It definately met up to the Lizapalooza Party Standard even though I actually did hardly any of the behind the scenes work this time.
Big Surprise of the Night- Pedro & Marcos. Last year it was Aikhong & Adam representing the face of my past but this year's party was blessed with faces from the rollerskating rink. By complete coincidence Rich invited Pedro who apparently works at Webex with him. Pedro and his brother Marcos come and we are in such shock to see each other. These 2 were the dj's at the rink when I was growing up and we were such good friends. So great to see them again.
Embarrassing Moment- everybody singing happy bday. I hate that. It's so awkward. Standing all by yourself with all eyes on you. You can't sing along so you just smile while turning bright red and praying for it to end.

Today is the actual day of my blessed birth. I was given the day off of work so I scrounged up my unemployed friends to play hookie with me. Eric & Haylee accompanied me on my adventure. First we went to Capitola so I can get my favorite ice cream- Mexican Chocolate. I also did a bit of Christmas shopping. And I went to my favorite store for good smelly stuff... Panache's. I only bought 1 body spray, but then it was buy one get one free so I had 2. And then when she found out it was my birthday, she threw in free bath salts, a body wash, and a lotion. I was stoked! Then we continued on to Monterey to go to the aquarium to see the great white shark. It looked just like Jaws but only 4' long. And tonight I just sat around playing pacman with my roommates. That's the birthday in a nutshell. I hope your day was as good as mine.


Blogger Melanie said...

Good job posting up pics! hehe. HAPPY BDAY! it is akward isn't it.. gettin sung to. good to hear you had a nice day off and got to spend it in capitola/monterrey. beautiful day.

11:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm jealous because I can't really post pics on my blog unless they're connected to a website. Mabye I should switch to blogspot?
I'm glad you had fun at your party!


9:37 AM  

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