Sunday, January 28


To log in to blog it asks for my username and password and then there's a little check box below that asks "remember me[?]". I feel like it is more of a question than a command option. My blog sees that I'm back and wonders if I had forgotten all about the three year relationship we've carried on and why it has not heard from me in months. I resolve to try harder to share more. Yes, my dear blog, I do remember you.

What brings me back is being tagged by Rob. The mission is to tell 5 things you likely don't know about me:
1. I almost always prefer to just dance by myself with a large group of people than to dance one on one with a guy.
2. I have an affinity for any type dish that combines meat or fish with some type of fruit. I love that blend of unique sweet and savory.
3. I can speak more Spanish than I let on. I'm embarrassed about how slow and awkward I am and I blank under the pressure of speaking it. So I just pretend I don't speak it at all.
4. When I was a kid I had a speech impediment where my R's sounded like W's (Think Elmer Fudd). I use to lie and say that I was from New York and play it off like an accent. I said I was from Albany (the only other city I new was in NY other than NYC) because if I said I was from NYC people would ask me too many questions.
5. My dad thinks I am jinx his football bets so I know better than to call him on any day during football season that a game might be on. We need a new oven, but I don't dare call him until after superbowl. Just one more week.

Now I pass this on to 5 people. The mission is the same. Tell us 5 things we likely do not know about you.

5. Duncan
Consider yourselves tagged.