Saturday, January 31

17:36 minutes to conclude an amicable breakup. I know I originally had a vision of this romance lasting through Valentine's and all, but I just couldn't hold out that long. I feel bad even though I think maybe both of us were a bit relieved to have it end. I think we were both too polite to face the facts. And I commend him for putting up with my moodiness. Apparently he really was trying to figure out what was wrong, but our lines of communication were completely closed. Who knows how long it could have gone on if I hadn't forced myself to call him after I dropped him off at home tonight. FYI, boys... moodiness=wants to break up but doesn't want to hurt you. I wish I wasn't a wuss and could have done this in person.

BIG DAY today. Last day of work. Because I'm antisocial and still don't know anybody in the hotel after a year, it kinda made for an unemotional goodbye. Nobody ever knew who I was or what I did. They didn't know I was leaving and they probably won't notice that I'm gone. Cindy is the only one I worked with and will miss the most. So I leave the keys to my big new office inside my desk and lock the door behind me. The end of that chapter of my life... for now.

Tonight was a cocktail party at Shawheen's complete with a bellydancer. It was good to see my old crowd. Shawheen and my best friend, Eliza, dated for a while. But after the breakup, it was like they were exiled. Or maybe we were the ones who were exiled. Either way, it was nice to be back in their company. I wonder if exile will begin again now that I have split up with one of their own. Hopefully not!

Tomorrow is a new day. A day of simplifying my life and ridding it of the unnecessary junk. Somewhat of a reoccuring theme for the weekend. I am having a garage sale in the morning and getting rid of EVERYTHING! Even the things I need and use. And especially getting rid of some of my business wardrobe.

Thursday, January 29

It ain't over, Baby, till it's over...
So, it's almost all over. No more hotel discounts, folk! I'm not going to be able to finish all the projects I want to finish by the end of tomorrow. I know! What does it matter to me!?!! I'm almost out of here. But it does matter to me! I hate leaving things half done. And I hate letting my team down. I'm going to try not to obsess about it.

My plans for the weekend include a Party with Lorrie, Shannan, Ben, and friends. It would definately be a great picture taking opportunity. It kind puts the heat on me to go buy myself digital camera of my own. I guess what it will really boil down to is how much my final check is. The great thing is that it's okay to spend just about all of it because my new job pays weekly and first pay check is on the 6th. Normally, you get screwed with the whole pay thing on the switching of the jobs, but not me. I make out like a bandit. And maybe I go buy a new TV too.

Wednesday, January 28

Karoake Revolution
So last night I was whooping some butt playing Karoake Revolution on PS2 over at Jasper and Darica's house. I know they are just kids, but that's not who I was competing against. Their mom, Lenora, is the house champion, but I'm pretty sure I've bumped her. Nothing like watching a 7 year old sing Sugar Ray's Every Morning though. Good laughs. I've got to get this game. And a PS2. The other thing I love about this family is their extensive DVD collection that they allow me to borrow from. And get this. Now they have posted it online so I can premeditate my borrowing choices ahead of time.

Did I mention that I have a great big huge office to myself now and I am down in the property sales office which forces me to be a bit more social. My office is one of the biggest in the hotel... it use to be a conference room. It makes me look and feel very important. I can sense the envy all around. Everybody has been asking me.. what do you do again? is anybody moving in here with you? when is your last day? Too bad it's only mine for a week. It's good incentive for every sales assistant and front desk person to apply for my job.

Monday, January 26

So starting last Friday they decided to move my office to the other side of the hotel. Convenient seeing that this disruptive change is taking place a week before I leave the company and I am very busy trying to wrap everything up. They dismantled my office on Friday, we moved everything over on Saturday, and we are reassembling my office furniture today. So that is 2 days of working robbed from me. But on the other hand, for the remainder of my time with the company I have a large private office all to myself.

Also this weekend, I had chinese with Humaro and mexican with my Pastor Matt & his family. Aiming to start a home group from my house in March. This means new motivation to get new couches and to fix up my disgrace of a house. I slipped in 3 hour naps both days, but they sadly did not relieve this headache I've had for the last week and a half. People are telling me that maybe it's my pillow doing this to me.

Wednesday, January 21

Animal Shelter Screwups
So this story has been on the news alot lately about this lady who lost her dog and then found it at the shelter to only to discover that they had already adopted the dog out to another family. Read her story.

We know exactly how she feels. The same animal shelter screwed my family over back when I was in high school. Our dog, Mali, escaped our back yard. She's a rhodesian ridgeback which is a rare and unique looking bread of dog. To make her more unique she had X shaped scars on both hips from reconstructive hip surgury that we gave her when she was hit by a car as a puppy. The shelter out in San Martin - about a half our outside of San Jose, came and picked her up 5 minutes from our house. This was completely outside their jurisdiction. My mom filed a claim with the Santa Clara shelter and ran an ad in the paper for 30 days. She would frantically up and check out every lead that came in, and a whole month went by but she still didn't give up.

The Santa Clara shelter had told us that the San Martin shelter had closed down, but that was wrong. When we went out to San Martin, they denied ever having picked up a dog to Mali's description. God bless a man overhearing the conversation who worked in the back. He came after us in the parking lot and told us that he remembers seeing a dog like ours and that they adopted him out to a breeder who came in alot looking for rhodesian ridgebacks. Well, upon hearing that my mother started to campaign like crazy to get our dog back. She was contacting lawyers and media and animal foundations.

At first the shelter refused to help or provide any information. But the truth of the matter was that surgury Mali had as a puppy made it that a pregnancy would be dangerous to her health. The pregnancy and delivery would literally kill her so really she is worthless to a breeder. Because of this, the breeder agreed to return her to us. It was all a happy ending and after that the shelters in the area decided to cross reference their inventory of animals.

I can't imagine why this family who adopted the dog won't just give it back and pick a new one. I say we send in enforcements to kidnap the dog back from them. What horrible people! Well, I hope Niki and Bella are reunited soon. They file a lawsuit tomorrow. My heart goes out to this family.

Tuesday, January 20

Ideal Wedding
Thanks to Carrie for tipping me off to Lizard Island. This is where I'm going to get married (given I marry into an insanely rich family). The island has 40 villas on it which will comfortably accommodate my small private wedding and 100 guests. It's like bringing everyone I love with me on my honeymoon. And so what if 3 day block out of the island would cost me around $120,000. Isn't my big day worth it? And if I never marry and am single forever, then my plan will be 35th birthday party at Lizard Island. Either way it would be the best party ever.

Friday, January 16

Took a little art break today. Could I be the next Picasso! I think it's easier this way than actually picking up pen and paper.

What else did I do today? Well, my IQ score is 138.
"Your Intellectual Type is Visionary Philosopher. This means you are highly intelligent and have a powerful mix of skills and insight that can be applied in a variety of different ways. Like Plato, your exceptional math and verbal skills make you very adept at explaining things to others — and at anticipating and predicting patterns."

My boss flaked on meeting with me last night so resignation was given via email and fax. Then she calls me up and is all nice to me and from now on out I can tell her what I really think about our department set up and its inefficient ways. Cindy asks if I'd stay for more money. Hmmm. I left because I was positive my boss was going to slam me in my review next month and you have to gain so many points for a raise. I was doomed to the mandatory 3% increase which is diddly squat. So off to play with baby.

Thursday, January 15

Liz on the Quits
My over zealous boss is suppose to come in today to lecture me on how 10 hours notice is insufficient notice to inform her that I will have to leave the office 15 minutes early. I'm ready for her with my letter of resignation. But I've kind of have been anxious all day to get this over with and she hasn't shown yet. I would hate to have to fax it to her and be all unpersonable about it. So what will I do, where will I go.... I chose Allison. Her parent threw in medical benefits and paid holidays and sick leave, a rarity in the private nanny sector. What happened to Peyton? Her parents decided to postpone decision day until after they return from vacation next month. Well, with my boss getting more nit picking everyday, I just knew I wouldn't last that long. I needed an immediate escape. So end of the month is the end of my Marriott run. Big excitement today was realizing that I'm about to get my vacation time paid out to me giving me the much needed money to buy a digital of my own. I've been "borrowing" my office's for the last 8 months or so. I finally gave it back today. Vacation Pay will hopefully leave enough left over for a new TV. Fingers-crossed.

Monday, January 12

Chamomile tea with two sugars just isn't as relaxing as it was while walking the subways in NYC. That's when I picked up this affinity for tea. But it's not the same in the midst of this busy office hussle that I'm trying to avoid by blogging. I didn't resign today.

I changed my mind on the families. A competitor surfaced on Friday evening. Baby Peyton is an adorable 3mo old dressed all in pink. Her parents have an awesome sense of humor as the dad pretends fo hide the baby when the cops walk into the coffee shop during our last minute Friday night interview. And these people are in my neighborhood. We share a starbucks within walking distance to both our houses. Major perk is that I may be paid a full weeks salary for a 4 day work week. Yahoo! I love being good at what I do! But fingers are still just crossed right now. Final decision comes in tonight. So maybe I resign tomorrow.

Over the weekend I hit the movies with my mom twice. Friday night it was Stuck on You which we both fell asleep a little bit during. Then last night it was Big Fish, which was terrific. On Saturday I went to the dentist, took a nap, and then went to Rita's birthday party that Kelvyn was spinning at. Small party, Big Fun. Lorrie came with me. And then Toan, John, and crew came and met me there. Nice house, good food, good music. Rita & friends are awesome. I left a bit early (around 2 thirty) because I had to teach Sunday School the next morning. Humaro is still in Vegas. He'll be home tonight. He was relieved to hear I was constantly hanging with mom while he was away. I was relieved to hear that Sam kept getting into a funk and that they hadn't gone out one single night yet.

Friday, January 9

So apparently, Humaro is going to Vegas tonight. Hmmm. When the cat's away the mice will play? Just Kidding! I'm boring. We all know that. But I will take this opportunity to hang with my other guy friends. I'm going to a party with Kelvyn on Saturday. He's spinning in my neighborhood, but that also means he'll be taking those turntables away from me. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

So when I lived in SoCal with my sister and her family, they would tease me all the time for watching Disney movies and other such kid's shows. My funny guy brother in law would say "And who is this show brought to us by? The letter "Q"? The number 3?" So imagine my shock when I first started dating Humaro and he suggested one night that we order pizza and rent Finding Nemo. And very frequently he changes the channel to Nickelodeon or Disney channel. It's just one of those special and rare attributes that I really appreciate in guy. Sigh.

I guess I'm Black?....
So despite the fact that there are many couples out there breaking through the racial barriers to hookup outside of their race, still I find so frequently that like attracts like. Perhaps it is now something like 25% of relationships that are bi-racial. But, I'm not just talking about who you are dating/marrying/sleeping with. I find that overall you attract people similar to you. There are always instances where this doesn't stand true. For instance, my roommate who is latina but looks like a white girl pulls asian men unlike any other and she really wouldn't have it any other way. Maybe she pulls them because that is what she is hunting. I don't know how aggressive her dating strategy is. Maybe she is doing something to increase her pull here beyond my hypothesis. But then on the other hand, take Carrie. I can't remember my best friend ever going out with anyone but a white boy or even being approached by too many guys of ethnicity. For the most part dating within your race and culture is still the subconciously popular norm. So then where does that put someone like me who is multi-racial? 1/4 English, 1/4 Mexican, 1/4 Black, 1/8 German, 1/8 Spanish... You could say I'm 1/2 European/White. But that's not what I pull in terms of guys. Nope. I can't get a white boy to save my life. Well, there's been a few. My one long term relationship was with a Hungarian guy. I don't pull Mexican guys. I pull Blacks! If we go to an asian club and there's a black guy there, he's the one to hit on me. No matter where I go that is the only type of people who hit on me. It's kind of shocking that more Latinos don't hit on me because this Bay Area is comprised of a HUGE majority of Latinos. Perhaps it is because most of the blacks in the area have english as a first language and I can't say the same for the latinos. And my Spanish just straight sucks. It's as if I never took those 4 years of it. So does this make me more black than my other nationalities? Because I attract blacks? Ironically, I don't feel that I identify with our black community despite the fact that I was president of the AASU and captain of an AA step dance team back in high school. But I wasn't raised in a black home, or a black church, or a black neighborhood. I don't speak a lick of ebonics. I went to prodominantly white prestigious schools growing up. And I think most black guys who approach me come off with this "ghetto" cover even if they are well educated and raised in the suburbans. Actually the black guys I know who really did grow up in the hood are really smart and impressive people who don't come off "ghetto" at all. They end up going for white chicks or latinas. Anyways, I never have been much of a fan of ghetto sytles so I think it is a little disappointing to pull only black guys pretending to be ghetto. I don't think I look that black either. If I didn't tell you, then you probably wouldn't have guessed. Back in high school I use to have a thing for mixed race guys... enforcing the like attracts like theory. I don't see to many mixed guys anymore. They've all left town.

Thursday, January 8

Squirrel's Watery Grave
Big Props go out to Mikayla and Bryana, my a bit too grown up preteen neice and cousin, who came over to use my AIM and then rewarded me by retrieving and disposing of the squirrel that fell into my hot (cold) tub and drowned. I really appreciate it. I can't deal with little furry rigamortis creatures. Yick! I had avoided dealing with it for over a week before the girls came to my rescue.

Sheila's Big Dream for Me Continued
In my inbox this morning:
Hey Liz,
I had the weirdest dream about you last night. I think you are destined to have a huge home someday because as you know, I have dreamt of you having a big house. I just remember you answering the door and I am there and I see behind you this huge hallway that seems to go on like forever. Then off in the distance, I see this gate that opens up to a huge backyard...the end :)

How do I get to this place in Sheila's dreams? Personal Fame, Start Up a Successful Enterprise, Inherit Riches, Marry into Wealth, Big Lawsuit Victory, Working for the Insanely Wealthy in their Homes.... How does this all pan out?

So in the wee middle of the night hours, my cat pounced on my face while I slept leaving me a nice long welting scratch across my nose. And then to top it off I woke up with 2 flea bites so Kitty might be transitioning to permanent garage/backyard living very soon.

Tuesday, January 6

Merry Belated Christmas and Happy Belated New Year's!
So much has happened that now I am a little overwhelmed by the task of catching you up to speed. I'm going to give you the fast sloppy version and maybe post a few pics tonight in addition.

1. Christmas was better than usual this year. Normally, I walk away from the Christmas Tree thinking "Do these people even know me at all?" But this year the fam didn't do too bad. My mother and sister Mesha played it safe by shopping off my list. So I got the exact purse and curling iron that I wanted. And then my other sister got me a fleece glove and hat set (perfect for the girl whose always cold) and she regifted back to me the pedicure gift certificate I got her for her birthday. And from the boyfriend... a DVD player.
2. Yes, I said boyfriend. When did that happen? ....Some time in the few weeks after my birthday. But it's not official because we haven't had that discussion, but it's very obvious from our new joined at the hip status. But still when it suits me to use it against him I'll throw in that line... "Who said I'm your girlfriend?" He doesn't have a computer so I feel fairly safe talking about him behind his back.
3. Took a whole lot of time off of work to go to New York... hmm... snowboard Tahoe... hmm... sit around my house in a funk until the last day of vacation when the motivation hits me to be super productive and get stuff done before its too late. NYE amounted to the new boyfriend turning retarded on me at the last minute due to his fear of being the only guy with a girlfriend and thus I sat at home trying to sleep through the event and not be pissed off by his immaturity. But everyone kept calling and keeping me up. And his friends were MY friends before we ever started dating so I doubt they'd care if I was the only girl hanging. I go out with the boys all the time. And they had a miserable time out and I'm glad because that's what happens when you leave the girl with ALL THE BAY AREA CLUBBING CONNECTIONS at home to pout. But mostly I was disappointed that I fooled myself into thinking that there's no good party without him. Morning after I remember all these parties I should have gone to and was bombarded with youshouldacalledme's and I should have. But oh-well.
4. New Year's Resolution-
i. Focus on placement art collages and photography and try to self publish a little coffee table book by the end of the year.
ii. Get the damn house painted already and follow through with getting the new windows and garage door that I've been talking about for over 2 years now.
iii. Go back to school and take fun stuff like photography, web design, Conv Spanish, graphic design and newly decided: fix my transcript and consider transfering to a 4 year and get a degree in education or social work.
iv. Work out, lose weight, get liposuction... The typical unoriginal resolution.
v. Get on top of all those debts and get financially responsible... somehow.
vi. Quit Marriott
5. So I'm going to quit Marriott!!!! One resolution down, 5 to go! I'm going to go back to being a nanny, back to the days where I was happy, peaceful, and didn't need a caffiene addiction to get me through the day. I interviewed for a great family with one little girl named Allison who is 11 months of fun fun fun. Interview went great and all my references rave of my superior childcare knowledge and abilities to raise up very smart well behaved kids who have the makings of the next world leaders. Allison is at a great age, great location, great pay even. So I lose my medical benefits, but who cares. I hardly used them anyways and I'm stocking up on appointments before I quit. And with the extra time and energy and while Allison is taking her 2 naps a day this girl can focus on other resolutions like school or art or shopping... oh, wait. That's not one of them. Anyways, things should be finalized soon. I hope I'm not jumping the gone by going public with all that before it's set in stone.
6. My mama for the first time ever has a brand new car. I'm so happy for her. She got a white chevy tracker with a fold down back seat perfect for picking up junk at garage sales and flea markets. And now she won't have to borrow my car to go visit her grandkids in SoCal. Yeah, for mama!

It's the beginning of the year and I'm feeling very organizational hungry and focused. My life is in a good flow right now. Got to escape Marriott before it jumbles it all up again for me. I feel bad leaving all my work friends and all my responsibilities that I like to do. Maybe they let me keep running reports and doing our team goal tracking from home. Peace!