Monday, November 15

So excited! My people are coming. RSVP's pouring in. Current Evite Party Stats: 89 Yes; 14 Maybe; 9 No; 101 Not Yet Responded. This will be the best party ever!!! I love Rich for hosting this for me. That was the best birthday present anyone could give me... A break from the stress of party preparations, moving the furniture, clearing the garage, covering the white carpets, picking up kegs, last minute yard work and house cleaning, aftermath cleaning, hiding the valuables.

Big Day for me today. First I gave my notice to my employers. Last official day is 12/22. I was dreading telling them. I'm dreading Allison catching on even more. She's so attached to me at this point. I want to try to go hang out with her every week or so. In 2005 I will be picking up 18 more hours with my other family. I debated about this for sometime but the comparison say it all.
*more money- $xxx amount of money per week currently equaling 45hrs/week will equal only 28hrs/week. Hmmm?? What to do with those 17 extra hours every week? Maybe work on my crepe business!!! And do some quilting and some gardening and some volunteer work.
*more flexibility- new family has a stay at home mom so I'm really just a luxury item. This allows for me to switch around my work schedule or take days off without it being too big of an inconvenience. Plus remember that they just hired my mom to work for them too so she can cover for me if push comes to shove.
*longer leash comes with 4 wheel drive- currently I'm not allowed to drive baby and there are only a handful of places within walking distance and you get pretty bored with them. Well, from day one I've driven the kids in the other family. Actually, they have a big Yukon Denali that's a 3rd vehicle just for the nanny to drive. So me and the kids go get ice cream or get jamba or go run errands if I need.
*shorter commute- currently 20 minute drive in peak commuter traffic; will be 4 minute drive with no freeway in the afternoon with no traffic. Plus because it's only about a mile, I could easily start riding my bike to work (if I had one).
*New family has Karaoke Revolution game and Tivo and a huge dvd collection and really good food.
*New family takes me on vacation- So far on the calendar this year is Tahoe, Nantucket, and Tuscany! Italy!!! Can't wait! Never been! Must have digital camera before then and teach kids to use it so they can take pics of me in these places.
*Downside is only 18 guaranteed hours a week that won't quite pay all the bills. I usually get another 4-10 hours off of them every week during the evenings. But I really need all 10 now. If they don't do date night or have any parties to go to one week then I end up a little short on my bills. I'm just going to have faith about it though. If push comes to shove, I could always up rent on my roommates. Just Kidding, guys!
*Other downside- Allison.... boo hoo! Can't she just come to work with me? No, because they don't let me drive her. So that ends that.

Also today I was a very good girl in initiating stuff. I wasn't shy and asked the guy from swim to coffee after practice. But we get there and neither of us are coffee drinkers. So over tea and hot coco I get the scoop on what this guy is really all about... traveling and adventure. He's a pretty cool guy and he's cute too. Generally though, meeting people in your swimsuit with your goggles and bright yellow swim cap on is not the best first impression. We hardly recognized each other with clothes on. He might not recognize me if he should ever see me with dry hair and makeup.

Tommorrow is just a Barnes & Noble party. I go there every Tuesday to take baby to story time. But tomorrow my mom is bringing my neice and nephew to meet us. And Haylee is coming to meet me for coffee there. And Jaime is coming to meet me there too. All this support and they are sure to make me talk to that guy I've been being all shy with.

Hassle of the day- my tub is backed up with kitchen garbage disposal debris. Having to get a plumber will come out of the painting-the-house fund.


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