Sunday, March 4

And how have you been?

And continuing on the reconnecting catching up business, how about a bulletpoint review in no particular order.

  • My mom got me a bike for my birthday. Sheila and I went for a great bike ride down to Vasona. It was really fun despite being pretty darn cold. I can't wait for better weather.
  • Right after thanksgiving I started a new job. I work for Classic Vacations, a division of Expedia that deals in luxury wholesale vacations. I was valedictorian of my training group. I'm really enjoying the work. I spend all day working with travel agents planning trips for their clients to Hawaii and Caribbean, my current specialties. I hope to add Mexico to my repetriore next.
  • LiZac split. Still friends but decided to that miserable wasn't something we could do for the rest of our lives. Now we both tend to be working on balancing happiness and lonliness and defining where the line is when ex-es try to be friends.
  • School is fine. I'm in a perpetual state of catching up. Lani has been very helpful. My new trick is to stay at the office and do homework for a few hours until the last of them close up shop. By the time I leave it's 7:00 and I still can sneak in some me time.
  • They say it's best to marry your best friend. Um, but neither myself or my best friend are into each other like that. So my best friend, Carrie, married Shane this past December. I was honored to be in the role of Maid of Honor. It was a beautiful wedding with a gorgeous backdrop. It was a day filled with so many loved ones and dear friends. The reception was so much fun. And the bride... beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. The wedding pictures have been amazing to look at.
  • Thanksgiving this year was a blast. I had EzRay in from NYC. And the Gorum tribe of Reno staying with me. Couple those foriegners with Zac and my father. That would be cooking thanksgiving dinner for 10 at my house. My first turkey created a commotion when my grand scheme of rotiserrie turkey set the bird a fire. When the flames were put out the bird was transferred to the oven for a more traditional baking process. It turned out fab as the burnt outer layered seared in the moisture and flavor. I was very proud of the bread dough cornacopia I made with a plethora of baked vegetables cascading out of it. It was quite the masterpiece. And then there was the amazing Squash soup that Ray made. A delicious day with family.
  • January brought the seasons first glipses of snow covered mountains and enough free ambition to send Nate and I heading to the slopes. We had a great weekend in Reno hanging with my family, snowboarding, dining out and catching a comedy show. It was a great time. I hope I can get to the slopes at least one more time this season.
  • New and Old roommate: Liz. The other Liz. We both lived in the dorms at SJCC back 10 years ago. She was in my core little group of the 5 of us girls who were tight. We road tripped to Arizona for Sheri's wedding after the college days. And then I would just see her here and there. Well, we were always meaning to hang out more, especially once she took a teaching position for a school on the end of my block. Well, it worked out that she had to leave her place and has come to live with me. It's memory lane. It's awesome to have her around. For even in our distances, she has still been a true and sincere friend to me. This has been the 2nd SJCC dorm girl to move in with me. Who's next? Faam? Talicia? Alana?

Well, it's late and I have a community service project early in the morning. I hope I will keep up with some of this blogging now that I've gotten over the gap. Blessings to all.