Sunday, August 28

Who Dunnit

Last night I attended a Murder Mystery Party at Polly & Gary's. It was Polly's birthday and the whole event turned up really fun. You can only play once because now you know who's done it. I took the game and I am going to host a few of these parties for my friends. I won't play, I'll just cook and host and enjoy watching them debate and accuse each other. So I want to do those parties, and I want to help the church do a bbq next weekend, and help with Em's baby shower today, and Michelle's birthday party at my house in a few weeks, and then the KAK holloween party, and then Karis and my big birthday party, and then help cuzzy with thanksgiving in nyc, and then my christmas party, and then new years eve in hawaii.... And I start to realize that although I passionately want to do all of these, I don't know how I can afford to. This whole early retirement at the age of 27 isn't really working out. I think I need a job. I could just work part time and be more than fine to pay bills. But part of me wants a full time job so I can party and travel. But if I do that then there will be no time to work on starting the creperie. So what to do. I know the logicalthing is to sacrafice now so that I can create my own success and party later. But I am having trouble with that. I thrive on the mentality of living for the moment. Waste not, want not. Carpe Diem. There has to be some solution that allows the best of both worlds. I think I should go into event planning. I could have done that through Marriott, but it required too much buracracy of absoutely unneeded years training in some very unglorious related areas before they'll let you do planning. So I should be able to do this independently I am deciding. I just thought of it. The combination. Event Planning/Catering. I know who I need to call. Robin and Heather. I know that was a crazy thought progression. You understand why I blog? It helps me sort it all out in my mind too.

Friday, August 26

Here Comes The Sun [Son]

jacob william wong
This picture is amazing. It is the C-section birth of Jacob William Wong. Still half way inside taking that first breath as he comes into the world of light. What an amazing pic. But I'm still not ever going to have babies. No pregnancy for me. Whether it's c-section or hours of labor, I am not interested. No No. I'll happily adopt 15 children and love them each just as much as if they came from my womb. But I have no desire to endure that whole pregnancy thing. [I know what you are thinking. What the heck? For someone who loves children so much, where is this coming from? Mostly I'm just scared. But if my future husband let's me get away with not physically popping out any, I'd jump at the chance to just go the straight adoption route. But there's a fat chance seeing how guys have this innate need and desire to spread their seed and put forth offspring. And so...]

Nothing a Little Late Night Jack In the Box Can't Fix

[editors note: I found out later that I had been drugged by the bartender. Beware of Khartoums]
If ever again I try to say that I have never been drunk, pay no heed and throw back in my face the blog of 8/26/05, where I am hereby admitting complete drunkeness. Now still not pass out incoherent drunkeness. But definately take the car keys away because I can't walk a straight line drunk. And pathetically after only 2 fuzzy navels. Sure signs of drunkeness for me... cracking jokes (I'm not funny), talking to strangers including cute boys (very antisocial), singing karaoke (I'm fairly shy), dancing my bootie off without a crowd to hide in (I hate drawing attention to myself). Tonights karaoke set list was Like a Virgin which I rocked, Lisa Loeb's Stay which was just ok, and Young MC's Bust A Move which was just classic and so much fun. Next time I'll do Harden My Heart. Scene of the crime- Khartoum's in Campbell with Karis and Sonja as accomplices.

Other times I was possibly drunk- *w/ Carrie at Mission after chugging a long island ice tea after being told it was all coke with one shot of alcohol *on the rooftop with Raylene over Mint Juleps with her friends in Oakland (the weak one, my *ss) *at Jackson's house in Seattle over just Malibu and Orange Juice (and I was pouring my own drinks too- pathetic) *in St. Petersburg, Russia after consuming over the night a teacup full of straight Russian vodka but it was also after pulling an all nighter and not sleeping for at least 40 hours straight so I am always likely to protest that one. So still not bad. I can still say I can count the number of times on one hand. Haha.

So I went shopping tonight and bought lots of cute clothes. Karis has learned Jubilee's trick. Hand me the rent money and then beg me to go shopping with you because you know I have money and I just can't wait to spend it. Bad habit I know. I told Karis she is a bad influence because she bribes me to go shopping by paying me rent a whole week early. Not that I mind at all.

Oh, and last night the three of us (Sonja, Karis, and I) went downtown to the open air cinema to see Breakfast at Tiffany's, which some how has become a new favorite despite my hatred told old anything... old music, old movies, old fashions. I think I like that film because Holly Golightly was way ahead of her time. She was her era's Carrie Bradshaw. Overall, it was really fabulous, and it's a shame I didn't catch on to these little outdoor films until so late in the summer. Next week is Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I'm so there!

What else am I forgetting to tell you... Kitty Meow Meow has been back to coming around. I suspect she is consumed by jealousy in regards to the other three cats that have recently come into my life. So last night I let her in and then sat for about an hour observing their behavior towards each other as they worked out their territorial conflicts. I was waiting for the cat fight, but they seemed to solve it amicably. My good kitty. She's cuter than the other three. There is no replacing her.

Ok, also yesterday as I have been meaning to, I finally went out searching for a commercial kitchen. I had a few places that seemed to be really open to it, but the main problem I ran into was this. I had been targeting churches because most of them hardly use their kitchens, but there is a conflict in that they can't rent to me unless I am a non-profit otherwise they stop qualifying for their non-exempt status. So unless I find a church that wants to let me use their kitchen for free, I have to get off that route. It's a shame though because I have so many connections within my local churches that it would have been an easy arrangement to make if not for that one problem.

Ok... and for today I will leave you with this link for the 2005 Sexiest Islands. Got a current passport? Who wants to join me on a whirlwind worldwide tour? It sounds amazing!

Wednesday, August 24


Seeing that I have absolutely nothing to do today (oh, except find a commercial kitchen)... anyways, I decided to try to workout before I eat breakfast per orders from Sunstar... something I am suppose to be doing everyday. So this starts me contemplating which form of workout I want to do. Shall I hike, swim, run, do some type of class. Well, I best start the morning with a very normal 1/2 hour internet search on the classes my local 24 hr fitness offers. And then I have to print out the other schedules for the other ones close by and try to figure if I can come up with a consistent schedule of interesting classes that don't start so early that I have to set an alarm clock, but not so late that I can't hold off on eating breakfast. The highlighter gets busted out. And now I plan on going and doing pool inspections trying to figure out if the other club's pools are less disgusting than my club's. So after 1 1/2 hours of being distracted from working out by workout research, I quickly grab my shoes and run down to the gym to try to catch a step class. I generally wouldn't consider step an interesting class, but Sheila raves about the W/F night step class with Victor and she's been wanting me to come with her and I happen to notice that it's an intermediate class. Well, it's been years since I've done any form of step. It was probably when I was 19 years old and was working for the Decathlon Club. Now, step is not one of those types of classes you can go to as a beginner. Luckily, when I was in high school I took a semester class of step aerobics as a PE elective. So I had a thorough training of every step move basic to insanely complex. And 10 years later it all kicks in like riding a bike. Thank God! Not to say I didn't get completely lost in the routine every once in a while. I did learn some new tricks. I think I have to go to the basic class a few more times before I join Sheila at the intermediate class. But it was pretty fun. But now I'm not even that hungry anymore. But I'll go make breakfast anyways because Sunstar lectures me about not eating. According to him you need to eat every few hours because if your body starts to feel hunger then it will produce this chemical that will make you retain fat or water or something that ends up bad. In these areas, I just live by faith and follow whatever he tells me.

And today I'm enjoying 2 new cds I downloaded from iTunes. The first is Downhere's So Much for Substitutes, which is fabulous and very much along the same feel as their first album which I loved. The second is that of Mat Kearney called Bullet... excellent. So great! absolutely going to be a new favorite! My friend Zac went to college with Matt, but that's not why I like him. The CD was great. I rarely buy a whole cd, but this one is completely worth the $9.99 with every single song. And besides I had a iTunes gift certificate that I traded Carrie a equal valued Victoria Secret gift certificate for. Good trade. Good music.

So last night at the ballgame us girl revisited that we need a name for ourselves. Much like KAK house and much like SJIC. But what. When all of a sudden it hits us. FFF. Triple F. The Fabulous Foxy Four. Which is perfect because "fabulous" is absolutely our catch phrase. We are going to have shirts made. But really we aren't 100% set on this. We are still accepting other ideas.

Tuesday, August 23

hum de dum

Sorry... once again you are getting only the quick abbreviated version.

*Another naked lady lily is coming up. Counting down the days until it blooms.

*Three cats have moved in under my bed and sometimes they crawl into my boxspring and move around like aliens in my mattress below me while I'm sleeping. It's freaky.

*This sign is now posted in my front window. We are at full capacity and I have a waiting list of people wanting to move in. Out with Julianne. In with Lani (accompanied by kitties Indy, Timmy, and Nikki). Plans for Michelle to come in. Plans for Sonja to go out. Sheila's on waitlist.
No Vacancy

*San Jose Investors Club [SJIC] aka Skarbek brothers threw a little party friday night with bar tabs included. Hmmm. But they also stumbled upon free tickets for tonight's San Jose Giant's baseball game.

*Saturday we had a girls night starting with dinner at my house and then out for drinks in los gatos. New addition to our little group- Breea. She totally aced her audition with us [us= michelle, karis, and me... the new clique].

*Friday I had a long awaited root canal. It was my dentist's birthday. He got a kick out of how I squinch my eyes closed and hum a tune trying to block out the fact that he's giving me a shot. It was a smooth procedure but the pain lasted through Monday. But today I'm fine and ready to eat on that side of my mouth again.

*I went and saw 40 year old virgin this weekend.... hilarious. But I think wedding crashers is funnier. So if you are trying to decide which to see... See Both! What movie am I very excited about? The Brothers Grimm! And why you ask? Because of my favorite hottie being in it. No, not Matt Damon! The other brother! Heath Ledger! *sigh and faint*

*Check out this article Jon wrote about the Soliton Sessions. You see how he sold me on it.

*This morning I was diggin this Tarjet sponsered short film clips: Odds Against 7even

*Goal of the week- Find a commercial kitchen. Everybody who sees me or talks to me or emails me... please barrade me on this. It must get done! It's the most important step on the creperie right now and I have put it off 2 weeks straight.

Friday, August 19

Fast and Filled

I'm back after 3 days of successful fasting. Along with the typical fasting from food, I also decided a more challenging task would be to fast from my computer. It was torturous, but at the same time I came back to the internet realizing that really not much changed in three days. Hmmm. So the purpose in fasting was to join my church in a 3 day prayer session focusing on the direction of our church. We had some great prayer sessions and I strongly believe God has worked on renewing some passions and setting a path before us to do some great things. Here's a little scribble from my notebook inspired by some scripture reading out of Joshua. My cousin transformed me into minimilizing into a notebook for a wallet instead of that big bulky leather one I use to lug around. Thanks, Ray! Great idea! (More to come soon).
notebook 8-16-05

Sunday, August 14

Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve

After being such a big fan of Neighborhoodies for so long, I finally placed my first order yesterday. It's a grey communitee tshirt that says in pink writing... "I DON'T MAKE FIRST MOVES". It has a pink love struck graphic on the arm sleeve and I'm expecting it's arrival around the second week of September. Very excited. Although it's one of those purchases I'll forget about until it shows up on my doorstep. I only remembered today because I saw the charge on my online banking. Next up... "inhibition overload", "holy crepe", and "lizapalooza".

Saturday, August 13

This Weeks Highlights (that might make no sense to anyone but me):
*New Rockstar Client *Six Flags Marine World *Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk *Guitar and Beer Night *Watching "The Favorites" *Girl Talk Night (movie went unwatched) *Girls Night Out turns Girls Gone Wild *Thursday Night at The Brit *Winning One for the Team *KAK House Hot Tub *Byrne New Home Tour *Sisterly Couch Chatting *Dinner with Gemmers! in from FL *Making A New Friends with An Old Pres Girl
Still to Come: *Hockey Game- Tom Byrne vs. KAK House *Nraevis Show

Monday, August 8

All In My Happy Go Lucky Bubble

Simple goodness fills my days and makes me forget the distress...
*My very favorite flower is the ever so sweetly fragranced Bella Donna Lily (aka Naked Lady). I planted some along my walk way, but none would pop up. They seemed to be frying before ever blooming. And that was months ago so I gave up watering them because it wasn't saving them. And then this last few days one solo stem rose above the turf to bloom two gorgeously perfect flowers and I can't leave the house or arrive at my door without stopping to indulge in that most intoxicating smell. I wonder if I can get a perfume made of that scent. I'll have to talk to Panache's about it.

*Success in the form of ice cream. I finally got around to recreating the Gorum spicy chocolate cookie into it's ice cream equivalent but with marshmellows added so it resembles a rocky road. Something I dreamed of making before ever purchasing the ice cream maker. It is sublime. I was with the kids so I made one rocky road batch for the lil ones before mixing in my spices and cranberries. Hmmm. Ray... I wish you could try it. Maybe you could foam it!

*Reunited with Downhere. So there is this great band that I had forgotten how much I liked. [Carrie- remember these guys?] And a few of their songs popped into my iTunes shuffle today so I got to remembering so I googled them to figure out that they have a new album that I've completely missed the boat on. I listened to all the songs on their website today and am eager to get them onto my iTunes. But their site kinda sucks and I can't figure out when they are going to tour on this way. Now if I could just get Bird In The Hand to send me their new album, then it would be all good.

*A new little temporary part time gig is possibly floating into my life to save me from the crunch. Twin 11 month old boys and a 3 yr old girl. Cute names. I think I could go permanent if I wanted. I think it will be a fun match for now. And it's great because I could use the positive cash flow. I have to go to the dentist and I know it's going to cost me a limb and a half. Anything to help me not feel the reprecussions of my situation.

*Also aiding in keeping my lifestyle cushy is the addition of another roommate in the form of an old college friend. Lani lived in the dorms with me and we also have been going to church together for a few years and now her and her cats and fish are coming to recreate the college days. Also joining the household is Julianne who I have known since I was 8 years old as she is my pastor's daughter. She is going to be helping me with conquering my life's to do list in exchange for an escape from her parent's house. So with Karis this makes one household of rockin' Christian females. I think we should start a home group. We could try and get KAK house to come. We'd have to call it Beer and Bible Night. Think that's enough to get them to come? Maybe Babes, Beer, and Bible Night!

*I am kinda excited about this Soliton conference that I just up and decided was a must for me to attend. Yesterday Jon was raving about it but it didn't sink in until I looked at his pictures from last year's conference and the year before. It looks like so much fun. It's like a huge gathering of creative artist types gathering to worship. I'm not even that artistically talented and I see the value in experiencing this kind of non traditional worship experience. So off to Ventura I go. But not until next month.