Tuesday, November 16

I'm having the most fantastic week. I think it's because we are leading up to my birthday. So this morning at Barnes and Noble the storytime lady is a no show and the back up girl is nowhere in sight. There are 20 kids and their parents all waiting around when I arrive 5 minutes late. They always start on time so I figure this out really quick. It's happened once or twice before. So I grab a few books and fill in. Mind you my mother, neice, nephew, and a friend of mine are all with me today so I have my little fan club secretly placed in the crowd. It goes really well. I happened to pick 3 books that were really interactive. The kids would yell "Read it again!!" every time we got to the end. They wanted to keep reading rather than go do coloring time. But I couldn't stay on stage all day. Besides that guy who works there that I've been shy with keeps coming over to watch and is very enthralled by the fact that I'm doing storytime. It was making me a little nervous. We've never said a word to each other but we are very obvious. During coloring time he slips me a note with his number and email all 3rd grade style because he's shy too. Now I had figured there would be something wrong with this guy like he wouldn't have a car or would live with his parents or something. And I realize what a waste of time and energy it is to be cutesy flirting shy with a person I literally know nothing about. I knew immediately I would figure out what's wrong with him and why I've wasted my time. And now I know that it's his name. We didn't even talk, but I already think this is may be a detering factor. His name is.. Wolfgang! You see! I'll give it one date to see if he offers anything interesting worth me overlooking this. If his name is Wolfgang, and he lives with his parents, and he doesn't have a car... well then that's just it... 3 strikes you're out. Jubilee says 1st thing is to find him a nick name - neither Wolf, nor Gang. I might just stick to Barnes & Noble Guy. That's 2 big brave moves in two days. Well, afterwards Eric came and he read me and Haylee Polar Express because we had never read it. Then we went to Jack in the Box for lunch. Baby Allison and I took the longest nap ever. I didn't mean for it to happen, but I was sleeping too. 1:30 - 5 at night. All that extra rest set me up for a long evening. Swim practice, turkey dinner at mom's house, and then Haylee's late night softball game which they lost. I think the turkey balanced me out for a more normal bedtime.


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wolfie! yes! or just growl real sexy like...vvvvoolvf.
go cousin....it's your birf-day...gonna live it up like it's always your birf-day...
east coast lizard fan club

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