Wednesday, January 28

Karoake Revolution
So last night I was whooping some butt playing Karoake Revolution on PS2 over at Jasper and Darica's house. I know they are just kids, but that's not who I was competing against. Their mom, Lenora, is the house champion, but I'm pretty sure I've bumped her. Nothing like watching a 7 year old sing Sugar Ray's Every Morning though. Good laughs. I've got to get this game. And a PS2. The other thing I love about this family is their extensive DVD collection that they allow me to borrow from. And get this. Now they have posted it online so I can premeditate my borrowing choices ahead of time.

Did I mention that I have a great big huge office to myself now and I am down in the property sales office which forces me to be a bit more social. My office is one of the biggest in the hotel... it use to be a conference room. It makes me look and feel very important. I can sense the envy all around. Everybody has been asking me.. what do you do again? is anybody moving in here with you? when is your last day? Too bad it's only mine for a week. It's good incentive for every sales assistant and front desk person to apply for my job.


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