Friday, January 9

So apparently, Humaro is going to Vegas tonight. Hmmm. When the cat's away the mice will play? Just Kidding! I'm boring. We all know that. But I will take this opportunity to hang with my other guy friends. I'm going to a party with Kelvyn on Saturday. He's spinning in my neighborhood, but that also means he'll be taking those turntables away from me. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

So when I lived in SoCal with my sister and her family, they would tease me all the time for watching Disney movies and other such kid's shows. My funny guy brother in law would say "And who is this show brought to us by? The letter "Q"? The number 3?" So imagine my shock when I first started dating Humaro and he suggested one night that we order pizza and rent Finding Nemo. And very frequently he changes the channel to Nickelodeon or Disney channel. It's just one of those special and rare attributes that I really appreciate in guy. Sigh.


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