Friday, January 9

I guess I'm Black?....
So despite the fact that there are many couples out there breaking through the racial barriers to hookup outside of their race, still I find so frequently that like attracts like. Perhaps it is now something like 25% of relationships that are bi-racial. But, I'm not just talking about who you are dating/marrying/sleeping with. I find that overall you attract people similar to you. There are always instances where this doesn't stand true. For instance, my roommate who is latina but looks like a white girl pulls asian men unlike any other and she really wouldn't have it any other way. Maybe she pulls them because that is what she is hunting. I don't know how aggressive her dating strategy is. Maybe she is doing something to increase her pull here beyond my hypothesis. But then on the other hand, take Carrie. I can't remember my best friend ever going out with anyone but a white boy or even being approached by too many guys of ethnicity. For the most part dating within your race and culture is still the subconciously popular norm. So then where does that put someone like me who is multi-racial? 1/4 English, 1/4 Mexican, 1/4 Black, 1/8 German, 1/8 Spanish... You could say I'm 1/2 European/White. But that's not what I pull in terms of guys. Nope. I can't get a white boy to save my life. Well, there's been a few. My one long term relationship was with a Hungarian guy. I don't pull Mexican guys. I pull Blacks! If we go to an asian club and there's a black guy there, he's the one to hit on me. No matter where I go that is the only type of people who hit on me. It's kind of shocking that more Latinos don't hit on me because this Bay Area is comprised of a HUGE majority of Latinos. Perhaps it is because most of the blacks in the area have english as a first language and I can't say the same for the latinos. And my Spanish just straight sucks. It's as if I never took those 4 years of it. So does this make me more black than my other nationalities? Because I attract blacks? Ironically, I don't feel that I identify with our black community despite the fact that I was president of the AASU and captain of an AA step dance team back in high school. But I wasn't raised in a black home, or a black church, or a black neighborhood. I don't speak a lick of ebonics. I went to prodominantly white prestigious schools growing up. And I think most black guys who approach me come off with this "ghetto" cover even if they are well educated and raised in the suburbans. Actually the black guys I know who really did grow up in the hood are really smart and impressive people who don't come off "ghetto" at all. They end up going for white chicks or latinas. Anyways, I never have been much of a fan of ghetto sytles so I think it is a little disappointing to pull only black guys pretending to be ghetto. I don't think I look that black either. If I didn't tell you, then you probably wouldn't have guessed. Back in high school I use to have a thing for mixed race guys... enforcing the like attracts like theory. I don't see to many mixed guys anymore. They've all left town.


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