Wednesday, January 21

Animal Shelter Screwups
So this story has been on the news alot lately about this lady who lost her dog and then found it at the shelter to only to discover that they had already adopted the dog out to another family. Read her story.

We know exactly how she feels. The same animal shelter screwed my family over back when I was in high school. Our dog, Mali, escaped our back yard. She's a rhodesian ridgeback which is a rare and unique looking bread of dog. To make her more unique she had X shaped scars on both hips from reconstructive hip surgury that we gave her when she was hit by a car as a puppy. The shelter out in San Martin - about a half our outside of San Jose, came and picked her up 5 minutes from our house. This was completely outside their jurisdiction. My mom filed a claim with the Santa Clara shelter and ran an ad in the paper for 30 days. She would frantically up and check out every lead that came in, and a whole month went by but she still didn't give up.

The Santa Clara shelter had told us that the San Martin shelter had closed down, but that was wrong. When we went out to San Martin, they denied ever having picked up a dog to Mali's description. God bless a man overhearing the conversation who worked in the back. He came after us in the parking lot and told us that he remembers seeing a dog like ours and that they adopted him out to a breeder who came in alot looking for rhodesian ridgebacks. Well, upon hearing that my mother started to campaign like crazy to get our dog back. She was contacting lawyers and media and animal foundations.

At first the shelter refused to help or provide any information. But the truth of the matter was that surgury Mali had as a puppy made it that a pregnancy would be dangerous to her health. The pregnancy and delivery would literally kill her so really she is worthless to a breeder. Because of this, the breeder agreed to return her to us. It was all a happy ending and after that the shelters in the area decided to cross reference their inventory of animals.

I can't imagine why this family who adopted the dog won't just give it back and pick a new one. I say we send in enforcements to kidnap the dog back from them. What horrible people! Well, I hope Niki and Bella are reunited soon. They file a lawsuit tomorrow. My heart goes out to this family.


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