Monday, January 12

Chamomile tea with two sugars just isn't as relaxing as it was while walking the subways in NYC. That's when I picked up this affinity for tea. But it's not the same in the midst of this busy office hussle that I'm trying to avoid by blogging. I didn't resign today.

I changed my mind on the families. A competitor surfaced on Friday evening. Baby Peyton is an adorable 3mo old dressed all in pink. Her parents have an awesome sense of humor as the dad pretends fo hide the baby when the cops walk into the coffee shop during our last minute Friday night interview. And these people are in my neighborhood. We share a starbucks within walking distance to both our houses. Major perk is that I may be paid a full weeks salary for a 4 day work week. Yahoo! I love being good at what I do! But fingers are still just crossed right now. Final decision comes in tonight. So maybe I resign tomorrow.

Over the weekend I hit the movies with my mom twice. Friday night it was Stuck on You which we both fell asleep a little bit during. Then last night it was Big Fish, which was terrific. On Saturday I went to the dentist, took a nap, and then went to Rita's birthday party that Kelvyn was spinning at. Small party, Big Fun. Lorrie came with me. And then Toan, John, and crew came and met me there. Nice house, good food, good music. Rita & friends are awesome. I left a bit early (around 2 thirty) because I had to teach Sunday School the next morning. Humaro is still in Vegas. He'll be home tonight. He was relieved to hear I was constantly hanging with mom while he was away. I was relieved to hear that Sam kept getting into a funk and that they hadn't gone out one single night yet.


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