Tuesday, January 6

Merry Belated Christmas and Happy Belated New Year's!
So much has happened that now I am a little overwhelmed by the task of catching you up to speed. I'm going to give you the fast sloppy version and maybe post a few pics tonight in addition.

1. Christmas was better than usual this year. Normally, I walk away from the Christmas Tree thinking "Do these people even know me at all?" But this year the fam didn't do too bad. My mother and sister Mesha played it safe by shopping off my list. So I got the exact purse and curling iron that I wanted. And then my other sister got me a fleece glove and hat set (perfect for the girl whose always cold) and she regifted back to me the pedicure gift certificate I got her for her birthday. And from the boyfriend... a DVD player.
2. Yes, I said boyfriend. When did that happen? ....Some time in the few weeks after my birthday. But it's not official because we haven't had that discussion, but it's very obvious from our new joined at the hip status. But still when it suits me to use it against him I'll throw in that line... "Who said I'm your girlfriend?" He doesn't have a computer so I feel fairly safe talking about him behind his back.
3. Took a whole lot of time off of work to go to New York... hmm... snowboard Tahoe... hmm... sit around my house in a funk until the last day of vacation when the motivation hits me to be super productive and get stuff done before its too late. NYE amounted to the new boyfriend turning retarded on me at the last minute due to his fear of being the only guy with a girlfriend and thus I sat at home trying to sleep through the event and not be pissed off by his immaturity. But everyone kept calling and keeping me up. And his friends were MY friends before we ever started dating so I doubt they'd care if I was the only girl hanging. I go out with the boys all the time. And they had a miserable time out and I'm glad because that's what happens when you leave the girl with ALL THE BAY AREA CLUBBING CONNECTIONS at home to pout. But mostly I was disappointed that I fooled myself into thinking that there's no good party without him. Morning after I remember all these parties I should have gone to and was bombarded with youshouldacalledme's and I should have. But oh-well.
4. New Year's Resolution-
i. Focus on placement art collages and photography and try to self publish a little coffee table book by the end of the year.
ii. Get the damn house painted already and follow through with getting the new windows and garage door that I've been talking about for over 2 years now.
iii. Go back to school and take fun stuff like photography, web design, Conv Spanish, graphic design and newly decided: fix my transcript and consider transfering to a 4 year and get a degree in education or social work.
iv. Work out, lose weight, get liposuction... The typical unoriginal resolution.
v. Get on top of all those debts and get financially responsible... somehow.
vi. Quit Marriott
5. So I'm going to quit Marriott!!!! One resolution down, 5 to go! I'm going to go back to being a nanny, back to the days where I was happy, peaceful, and didn't need a caffiene addiction to get me through the day. I interviewed for a great family with one little girl named Allison who is 11 months of fun fun fun. Interview went great and all my references rave of my superior childcare knowledge and abilities to raise up very smart well behaved kids who have the makings of the next world leaders. Allison is at a great age, great location, great pay even. So I lose my medical benefits, but who cares. I hardly used them anyways and I'm stocking up on appointments before I quit. And with the extra time and energy and while Allison is taking her 2 naps a day this girl can focus on other resolutions like school or art or shopping... oh, wait. That's not one of them. Anyways, things should be finalized soon. I hope I'm not jumping the gone by going public with all that before it's set in stone.
6. My mama for the first time ever has a brand new car. I'm so happy for her. She got a white chevy tracker with a fold down back seat perfect for picking up junk at garage sales and flea markets. And now she won't have to borrow my car to go visit her grandkids in SoCal. Yeah, for mama!

It's the beginning of the year and I'm feeling very organizational hungry and focused. My life is in a good flow right now. Got to escape Marriott before it jumbles it all up again for me. I feel bad leaving all my work friends and all my responsibilities that I like to do. Maybe they let me keep running reports and doing our team goal tracking from home. Peace!


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