Thursday, January 8

Sheila's Big Dream for Me Continued
In my inbox this morning:
Hey Liz,
I had the weirdest dream about you last night. I think you are destined to have a huge home someday because as you know, I have dreamt of you having a big house. I just remember you answering the door and I am there and I see behind you this huge hallway that seems to go on like forever. Then off in the distance, I see this gate that opens up to a huge backyard...the end :)

How do I get to this place in Sheila's dreams? Personal Fame, Start Up a Successful Enterprise, Inherit Riches, Marry into Wealth, Big Lawsuit Victory, Working for the Insanely Wealthy in their Homes.... How does this all pan out?

So in the wee middle of the night hours, my cat pounced on my face while I slept leaving me a nice long welting scratch across my nose. And then to top it off I woke up with 2 flea bites so Kitty might be transitioning to permanent garage/backyard living very soon.


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