Thursday, January 29

It ain't over, Baby, till it's over...
So, it's almost all over. No more hotel discounts, folk! I'm not going to be able to finish all the projects I want to finish by the end of tomorrow. I know! What does it matter to me!?!! I'm almost out of here. But it does matter to me! I hate leaving things half done. And I hate letting my team down. I'm going to try not to obsess about it.

My plans for the weekend include a Party with Lorrie, Shannan, Ben, and friends. It would definately be a great picture taking opportunity. It kind puts the heat on me to go buy myself digital camera of my own. I guess what it will really boil down to is how much my final check is. The great thing is that it's okay to spend just about all of it because my new job pays weekly and first pay check is on the 6th. Normally, you get screwed with the whole pay thing on the switching of the jobs, but not me. I make out like a bandit. And maybe I go buy a new TV too.


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