Saturday, January 31

17:36 minutes to conclude an amicable breakup. I know I originally had a vision of this romance lasting through Valentine's and all, but I just couldn't hold out that long. I feel bad even though I think maybe both of us were a bit relieved to have it end. I think we were both too polite to face the facts. And I commend him for putting up with my moodiness. Apparently he really was trying to figure out what was wrong, but our lines of communication were completely closed. Who knows how long it could have gone on if I hadn't forced myself to call him after I dropped him off at home tonight. FYI, boys... moodiness=wants to break up but doesn't want to hurt you. I wish I wasn't a wuss and could have done this in person.

BIG DAY today. Last day of work. Because I'm antisocial and still don't know anybody in the hotel after a year, it kinda made for an unemotional goodbye. Nobody ever knew who I was or what I did. They didn't know I was leaving and they probably won't notice that I'm gone. Cindy is the only one I worked with and will miss the most. So I leave the keys to my big new office inside my desk and lock the door behind me. The end of that chapter of my life... for now.

Tonight was a cocktail party at Shawheen's complete with a bellydancer. It was good to see my old crowd. Shawheen and my best friend, Eliza, dated for a while. But after the breakup, it was like they were exiled. Or maybe we were the ones who were exiled. Either way, it was nice to be back in their company. I wonder if exile will begin again now that I have split up with one of their own. Hopefully not!

Tomorrow is a new day. A day of simplifying my life and ridding it of the unnecessary junk. Somewhat of a reoccuring theme for the weekend. I am having a garage sale in the morning and getting rid of EVERYTHING! Even the things I need and use. And especially getting rid of some of my business wardrobe.


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