Monday, January 26

So starting last Friday they decided to move my office to the other side of the hotel. Convenient seeing that this disruptive change is taking place a week before I leave the company and I am very busy trying to wrap everything up. They dismantled my office on Friday, we moved everything over on Saturday, and we are reassembling my office furniture today. So that is 2 days of working robbed from me. But on the other hand, for the remainder of my time with the company I have a large private office all to myself.

Also this weekend, I had chinese with Humaro and mexican with my Pastor Matt & his family. Aiming to start a home group from my house in March. This means new motivation to get new couches and to fix up my disgrace of a house. I slipped in 3 hour naps both days, but they sadly did not relieve this headache I've had for the last week and a half. People are telling me that maybe it's my pillow doing this to me.


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