Thursday, January 15

Liz on the Quits
My over zealous boss is suppose to come in today to lecture me on how 10 hours notice is insufficient notice to inform her that I will have to leave the office 15 minutes early. I'm ready for her with my letter of resignation. But I've kind of have been anxious all day to get this over with and she hasn't shown yet. I would hate to have to fax it to her and be all unpersonable about it. So what will I do, where will I go.... I chose Allison. Her parent threw in medical benefits and paid holidays and sick leave, a rarity in the private nanny sector. What happened to Peyton? Her parents decided to postpone decision day until after they return from vacation next month. Well, with my boss getting more nit picking everyday, I just knew I wouldn't last that long. I needed an immediate escape. So end of the month is the end of my Marriott run. Big excitement today was realizing that I'm about to get my vacation time paid out to me giving me the much needed money to buy a digital of my own. I've been "borrowing" my office's for the last 8 months or so. I finally gave it back today. Vacation Pay will hopefully leave enough left over for a new TV. Fingers-crossed.


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