Tuesday, September 2

Welcome to my superficial thoughts on the world!
So here's what's up. Pink Haired Artsy East Coast Radicals are taking over the the internet blog scene to "express" themselves and are abusing it as a springboard to push their broadminded political beliefs onto the masses in a pathetic attempt to change the world, or at least announce their disclaimer of disapproval for the American way. Well, screw that! I am a product of the American way and all of its marketing appeal. I buy into the whole American package. And love it!

You won't find me griping about the world we live in because I'm an optimist. I don't want to see the bad side of anything. I'll take the Disney view on life anyday. Only happy thoughts here. And I truly believe that I am a healthier individual because of it.

Now I don't know where life will take me so I can't guarantee that I won't ever offer up a gripe or two in this blog over the months. Heck, I could become depressed and bitter and start to pathetically dwell on the problems everywhere, actual and imaginary. But let me tell you, if you find that happening in this blog, find me and help me. I've seen people very close to me become like this and it was my observation that such negativity stems from consistently exposing yourself to an unpleasant factor, be it a relationship, a location, a job or even just a mediocre bed.

We all have our own poisen that eats away at our being and devours our capability to achieve pure ebulence or even just a glimpse of it. Continuing to expose yourself is just a form of self torture. That's why I just do whatever makes me happy. Though it may label me as an undisciplined and self indulgent individual, at least I have the pleasure of saying that I am completely satisfied with my life. And not to many people would say that. And maybe my contentment is leading me to be stagnant in life, without motivation to change or grow or be challenged, but that is a different issue for a different day, perhaps a day when I give a damn.


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