Sunday, September 14

Up to date:
So on Thursday night I went off to Cardiff Lounge to see my friend Matt (MJ GAMEZ) spin.

The music was addicting. You can't help but feel the groove. Made some new friends and had a fun time overall. I really shouldn't have gone out on a work night. I was exhausted on Friday. Lessoned learned. I will go to bed early tonight.
Friday night I headed to Mas Sake with my youngin and finally got my sushi fix. Good Influence turns bad as the restaurant resembles some trendy bar. And then even worse as I actually manage to take her with me to a Palo Alto night club to meet up with some of my friends. Saturday I made a new little crush that will most likely go nowhere. I got into a little trouble Sat night. Spent Sunday trying to figure out how to get out of it. Went to the movies and then fro yo with the youngin and a borrowed DVD. Bed early tonight.