Sunday, September 7

Things infrequently go as planned in my life. However, that never discourages me. I continue to plan relentlessly for every second of the day. I live by these little list that I make on multi colored post it notes (ya, I don't have a palm pilot. I like this better). I list what I will do between work and home, what I will buy at home depot, who I need to call and invite, what bills I should pay, what chores I need to do when I get home, what ingredients I'll need... Constant plethora of lists that I hope to achieve by the days end but some how never do.
Last weekend I listed a ton of fun things I wanted to do for the long Labor Day weekend. What I did instead was reorganize my kitchen cabinets. The only thing on the list that I actually did was lay out in the hammock, but that only lasted 5 minutes instead of the full hour it was suppose to have. And this weekend I didn't stick to the plans at all either. No clubbing in the city and no stay home and veg. I went to a bar in town where people pretend that they are on Rodeo Drive instead of Santana Row. But had fun because a lot of these make believers were people I knew. And then I made it a late night by going out for Pha.

Bill & Me at V Bar on Friday. Pics are contributed by my roommate, Melanie, who must have massive pictoral documentation of every single outing.

And today my one day kinda being home was project filled as I went on an organizational binge and built myself a bigger 2nd closet out in the garage (actually it's the 3rd closet). And I created a work center out in the garage for my sewing. But I'm not really done reorganizing it all at this point. So... Later!