Monday, September 29

Home At Last!!
I missed my flight this morning and thus missed work as well. The rest of the morning flights were full. I missed the 4:00 flight too. I got a seat on the 7:00 but it was delayed to 8:15. It seems like everywhere I go, I use southwest. Well, this trip was American and for the most part I was really lucky. It was like being in first class for me...
1) On the way there, they give me a one hour layover in Newport Beach. Just enough time for my mom to pick me up and take me to Wahoo's to eat.
2) On my red-eye flight a girl switched seats with me and that gave me a full row all to myself allowing me to completely lay across and sleep.
3) Once I missed my flight and called all in a panic, they informed me that "no, there would be no additional fees or difference in flight costs to pay." Just fly standby at somepoint today.
4) On the direct flight home, it is a pretty packed plane. There are only 4 empty seats. I once again luck out with three in a row so that I can lay out and sleep some more.
5) There was a shortage of blankets and pillows, but I managed to get both.
6) Good dinner served (chicken w/ mango chutney...I'm a sucker for fruity glazes, sauces and chutneys) and the stewardess gave me the entire can of Sprite instead of just the cup.

Where they fall short... they are soooo slow. Actually the airline is excellent. If they have everyone seated they will attempt to leave early. It is the passengers who are slow as heck. Tonight the plane landed at 11:35. It took a full 15 minutes just to get off the plane. And then another 20 minutes for them to even start up the baggage carousel. By the time I got back to my car a full hour had passed. Ludicrous! Anyways, it is 2am and I should force myself to sleep. I should head into the office early to catch up and kiss up for missing work today. Good to be home though.


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