Monday, September 22

So I guess I'm sick. My body aches, my head aches, and I feel weak. I even left work early. (Just another sign that my job is literally draining the life out of me.) I should have came home and rested, but instead I ran errands.
With 318 miles on it, I returned the Suburban. I had been with that vehicle for most of it's life. You better believe we bonded. I think it will miss me as much as I'll miss it.

I came home but just couldn't rest well in this heat. So finally I was craving grilled cheese and soup so went to the store for bread. An hour and $85 later I was almost too tired to make it. I know you aren't suppose to do major grocery shopping right before you leave town, but I tried to stay clear of most perishables. I have 2 days to use 2 bananas.