Friday, September 5

Tragedy at Disneyland. A man was killed on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Ride. My prayers go out to his family. Other people on my prayer list today... my old roommate who is way stressed since she moved back to school and her kinda somewhat boyfriend who was recently mugged and beaten quite badly (and all they got was $20).

Weekend plans.... either hit the clubs in SF all weekend or lay around and veg all weekend. Right now I just feel like vegging out, but I could really use some of that bad ass sushi from Mas Sake. The one thing that is for sure in the plans is to go shopping for bridal dresses. Hmmm. At least I can have a say on what type of god awful dress she picks for us bridemaids.

The opposite sex... We all know it comes in waves. Today was a tsunami as there was progress of some sort with every single guy I would consider dating. And the day isn't over. I bet if I read my horoscope it would say today is my "lucky love day". But I don't care cuz I don't really want to date. I just want to have friends because dating is too much pressure. I'll take good bowl of companionship over that other stuff any day of the week (or at least that's what I am saying right now).

And this weekend Sunstar is coming to town. He makes it fun to stay home and veg because there are jokes and ideas and games and dreams and songs and good food all there in my own house, so why would I want to leave it? And when he's around I don't ever want to date because for some reason I think "Boyfriend" means no "boy friends". My ex brainwashed me. What can I say.


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