Thursday, September 4

It is so nice to feel loved and known. Just that feeling that somebody cares about you and takes the time to know you so well... it's amazing. I was so impressed last night by a conversation I had with my very best friend. And I would have never guessed in a million years that she gets me well enough to guess the conclusions to my stories. I was telling her about my shopping problem and how I spend too much money and how I just went to the mall to buy a replacement pair of sunglasses. Mine got run over by the car... a tragic way to go. Anyways, I tell her that the next thing I knew I made a huge mistake. And she stops me right there and says "You went to Banana Republic". My God! How did she know! That is a true friendship right there. Somebody who knows your every flaw and weakness (and all the good stuff too). Mind you we never really go shopping together. That's what impressed me so about her answer. I always shop by myself because other people spend too much time in stores I don't care about. There is too much compromise and not enough productivity in group shopping.

So last night I had a dream that I went back to taking care of kids. And there was a really rich family that gave me and my mom a lot a huge guest house and a lot of money for me to take care of their soon to be born child and for my mom to take care of their house and garden. And they bought us cars too. And it was kind of perfect, because I would be able to cover for my mom so she could take off and see her grandkids as she frequently likes to do and she could take care of the baby for me when I wanted to travel as I frequently do. But the most important thing was that my mom would be taken care of, because as she got older I could just help her with her work more. And then the thought occurred to me. What would I do with the perfectly fine house that I already live in? And then that answered itself too. I would keep it because I don't really want to go back to living with my mom, so I would have my house to escape to and then with two places to live I would have more room for project and sewing space. And the added bonus of the whole set up was that across the street from the awfully rich family lived Aldin and Parker, the little boys I use to take care of. And I would get to take care of them again. Because I really do miss those kids alot. I was with them for 4 out of their 6 years and it makes me so sad that I haven't seen them in so long. One day soon I will go to them bearing gifts and hope they aren't too mad at me for staying away so long.

Anybody know any insanely rich pregnant people looking for a nanny?


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