Sunday, September 21

Well, I am home early tonight. I just walked in the door from Blue Tatoo. Today is my roommate, Melanie's 23rd birthday. The day was alright. I had a good morning. I went and got a much craved pedicure and then went shopping to find that perfect gift for the Hello Kitty freak who lives in the room next door (hello kitty speakers for her computer...combines all her, computer, HK). Then we went to the EMQ company picnic but we had missed most of it. Snagged some left over BBQ and hit the astro jump. Didn't get too much quality time in it though as it was invaded continuously by little kids. Then Dinner at Chevy's for balloon hats and birthday songs and then to Blue. Until James got drunk and left. Ring ring. "I'm at the car." Well, there are no ins and outs (The one damn club in the area where I don't have connections). So now I am home with James, but that's ok. There weren't enough of those preppy dorky white guys that I dig. It is probably better I go to bed early anyways so I can do church in the morning and have energy to maybe go hiking (if I can find someone to hike with) and make the best of my last day with the Suburban (Oh! They let me keep it for 5 days! I love this big ol truck even though Mel makes fun of me and says I look like a 40 yr old soccer mom in it). Well, I hear the clicking of the pilot light on the stove in the kitchen. I better go see what James is up to before he blows up the house.


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