Wednesday, September 10

Mama to the Rescue!
Exactly what I needed. She calls me an hour before I get off of work to see if I want to hit up the farmer's market on Rodeo Dri.. I mean Santana Row. With the day I've had I decide to ditch out early. No guilt, I was there really late last night. Not much variety at this market. I was tempted by Foccacia but opted not to indulge. Instead I hit the stores and come away with these awesome buys.

I would have had more if I didn't just spend all my cash earlier on toner cartridges for work. My mother is a trooper as I drag her into shop after art gallery after shop. Now I know I should save my money for shopping in Soho, but chances are I won't find deals like this in Soho! Anthropologie, the whole store smells delectable. A call from Sunstar who was a no show this weekend...big surprise. So glad I had made other plans. And as the shops closed I detour to the grass area where they are playing a movie out on a big outdoor screen. Finally, after the 2nd half of Bridget Jone's Diary I get in my car feeling wanting and once again thinking about that same fellow that pops into my head during every song, movie, or mentioned notion of romance. I need a new knight in shining armor. The guy currently acting as the hero in my dreams has no more courage than the cowardly lion. But I told myself I wouldn't make this about him. So, anyways... I was flaky on a fro yo date I had with my youngin and I had honorable motives when I stopped at the joint right at close to pick some up to go for us. But I got there and couldn't reach her via cell (I don't know why I got that kid a phone. She never answers it. How untypical for a teenager). The gal behind the counter told me she had been in tonight already and with some guy (Sorry, girlie! Who's the guy?). I got some just for me and went home to watch a Law & Order rerun to get my head out of the clouds. I think it may have done the trick. Now which new item to wear tomorrow...hmmm.