Monday, September 22

Cake and Inspiration
I woke up this morning to a text from my youngin. It was perfect timing. I wouldn't have be on time to church if she hadn't woken me. I ate chocolate birthday cake while simultaneously curling my hair in the 20 minutes I had before I needed to leave. Got to church to realize that I had forgotten about the 1 year church anniversary party afterwards. Service was inspiring and I came up with a great idea for a new ministry during it. Ran it by Matt (my pastor) who loved the idea. So maybe i might just be heading up a new employment counseling ministry. I just need to find myself a new job that gives me some free time to help others. Party afterwards provided me with some great opportunities to catch up with old friends and eye possible new friends. I got to be the pinata manipulator holding the other end of the rope and had more cake. I came home and took one very long nap...the kind where you wake up kind disorientated because it's dark now and you have no clue what time it is or how long you've been sleeping. For a brief moment I panic thinking... is it the middle of the night? Did I sleep the rest of the day away completely? Is it to late to create one last weekend moment? But it is only 8 and I realize my friend had text me an invite to come over while I was sleeping. I eat more birthday cake and become inspired by some photography projects I discover. I bust out the digital and take pictures of everything I can in my house and then head to my friend's house once I've ran out of material. But we just watch a NipTuck rerun and I go home realizing that eventually my Suburban Fun must end and I think that day might be tomorrow. Tomorrow I need to start planning how I am going to efficiently pack like the minimalist I am not for NYC. Somehow I think planning and minimalism are two things that don't coincide very well.


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