Wednesday, September 24

Rise and Shine! Well, I'm up awfully early. Went to bed at 2 and some how woke up all by myself at 6:45. Normally this is considered a gawd-awful hour. But I'm taking advantage of it as I still am packing for NYC tonight...well really I'm condensing at this point. Now due to the site and just word of mouth, my cousin who I am about to visit has created me a rep of being this materialistic superficial (and probably ditsy) Cali girl. If you don't know, IT'S NOT TRUE! This blog is suppose to be superficial. It's a counter-blog. It's not like that's all there is to me. But it will look that way when I walk in with a world of luggage behind me. There will be a ton of us staying with my cousin for her wedding (which I am expecting to be more of an art show) so we were told to be minimalists. I'm going to look high maintenence, but this is my smallest luggage on wheels. Well, still lots to do but I'll leave you with a pic of desk collage I made the other night.