Monday, December 1

Oh-so-sweetness found just in time for the romantic holiday season. Year and a half later I set my mind to not be shy and make it happen for myself. And a level of comfortness obtained that a shy me couldn't have reached for another few months.

This weekend I headed back to SJ early and went out with Mr. Gates of Seattle. Been around the world looking for my baby... but she was not available for party mode being done in by cramps. I could have told her that was coming and I probably should have put out my traditional warning, but forgot in after party commotion. Met up with the PMS princess back at the hotel in the wee three o'clock hour and that is all the presence I would be graced with this time around. I scrummaged the garage for lights, ornaments, decor and the fake tree. Half way through with the whole holiday set up. And then tonight I recieve an email telling me the my cousin is coming next weekend from NYC to witness the birth of the Vanessa baby. I'll get to snag a little artsy creative reinforcements from this east coast design goddess.


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