Wednesday, December 17

When you can't fix your own life, practicing by fixing the lives of those around you. That way you never lose the spirit of betterment.

Where have I been? Well Friday I went up to Remedy with Kelvyn and finally got my fix of those great crepes they have across the way... well worth the 40 minute wait in the cold but I wish I had ordered two of them. Saturday, Ann & Felipe got married. Sunday, Humaro came to church with me and then I napped until it was time to go to our church holiday party where we all sat around eating and watching survivor. Work week was more fun like it use to be when I started this job. I escaped all the work that isn't really mine and just focused on my job... tracking productivity... complex and colorful spreadsheets... compiling reports... crunching numbers... and being hopeful that maybe some of my team will make their goals this quarter and we can stop being the black sheep of the sales efforts. It makes me wonder if I really want to leave the company or if the sunny side of things will come now that we will have a merchandiser again. Well, resumes went out this week regardless. But now I am focusing my attention on others whose lives need more work than mine. Others whose problems are not overwhelming to me and that I find fixable even though they may be large.


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