Saturday, December 6

Change of Plans
So my date for the evening just called me to say that there's a change of plans. Rather than going to his company Christmas party, we'll probably just go to the movies instead. Theorettically the important thing is that we are together and it doesn't necessarily matter what we do. But in actuality, it sucks because this boy just doesn't know how I've been dress shopping consistently for just the right thing to wear since he asked me. And how I've literally gone out and gotten 4 dresses and was debating which one to go with while curling my hair when he calls me up and lets me know all this. Now all that stressing and primping and anxious anxiety will simmer down to a laid back jeans and tshirt night. My company doesn't have a real company christmas party. No company I've been with has so I was kind looking forward to checking his out. But I understand. Work tensions arise and then you realize you'd rather avoid these people because as is you'll be dreading monday. Well the dresses won't go to waste. I've got 6 other events to attend between now and Christmas.

Destined for the West
Oh! And picked up my cousin Ray from the airport today. She harldy made it with the east coast blizzard inforcing a white-out. All flights before and after hers cancelled. They douse her plane in green antifreeze before taking off. And my girlie comes with fruity jelly candy treats for lunch... appropriate after having peppermint chocolate for breakfast. And tucked away in her luggage was a little sometin' sometin' for me. She brought me one of her unique foam lights (FuBright) she's been making and selling in little Williamsburg artsy design boutiques. Check out her other stuff too! And got to see the V-girl and her big belly full of Justice ready to explode. Child to debut around I believe no later than the 9th because if this natural inducements don't work, I think the doctors may pitch in a helping hand.


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