Thursday, December 18

My work is done! Check out my good deed of the day... lending fashion sense to my hopeless and colorblind coworkers:

Morning email dialogue-
Andy- Are you in the office?
Me- Yes
OK, remember when I wore the red sweater and green cords a month of so ago . . . and you said I looked like Christmas? Well, because the attire for today's meeting and dinner said holiday/business casual, I've decided to wear the outfit again. brown or black shoes with the outfit? I know, you would probably say to wear something different altogether, but the sweater and cords are already on, so now I just need to decide on the shoes!
Are you sure I can't convince you to change all together? Red sweater & brown cords maybe? Either way we go with brown shoes. ;)
See you tonight.

light or dark brown cords?
Either would be an improvement but maybe lean towards dark.
done. Thanks!


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