Friday, August 26

Here Comes The Sun [Son]

jacob william wong
This picture is amazing. It is the C-section birth of Jacob William Wong. Still half way inside taking that first breath as he comes into the world of light. What an amazing pic. But I'm still not ever going to have babies. No pregnancy for me. Whether it's c-section or hours of labor, I am not interested. No No. I'll happily adopt 15 children and love them each just as much as if they came from my womb. But I have no desire to endure that whole pregnancy thing. [I know what you are thinking. What the heck? For someone who loves children so much, where is this coming from? Mostly I'm just scared. But if my future husband let's me get away with not physically popping out any, I'd jump at the chance to just go the straight adoption route. But there's a fat chance seeing how guys have this innate need and desire to spread their seed and put forth offspring. And so...]


Blogger Adelaide said...

Stranger here too. Just came upon your blog. Great one.

Cool picture! Gonna go for a c-section (my 2nd) in about 2 weeks...never seen it from that angle ;-) I always get that blue-tarp view.

9:42 AM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

Liz this kinda grosses me out. I logged in for the first time and there is this picture. It made me laugh

1:01 PM  

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