Tuesday, August 23

hum de dum

Sorry... once again you are getting only the quick abbreviated version.

*Another naked lady lily is coming up. Counting down the days until it blooms.

*Three cats have moved in under my bed and sometimes they crawl into my boxspring and move around like aliens in my mattress below me while I'm sleeping. It's freaky.

*This sign is now posted in my front window. We are at full capacity and I have a waiting list of people wanting to move in. Out with Julianne. In with Lani (accompanied by kitties Indy, Timmy, and Nikki). Plans for Michelle to come in. Plans for Sonja to go out. Sheila's on waitlist.
No Vacancy

*San Jose Investors Club [SJIC] aka Skarbek brothers threw a little party friday night with bar tabs included. Hmmm. But they also stumbled upon free tickets for tonight's San Jose Giant's baseball game.

*Saturday we had a girls night starting with dinner at my house and then out for drinks in los gatos. New addition to our little group- Breea. She totally aced her audition with us [us= michelle, karis, and me... the new clique].

*Friday I had a long awaited root canal. It was my dentist's birthday. He got a kick out of how I squinch my eyes closed and hum a tune trying to block out the fact that he's giving me a shot. It was a smooth procedure but the pain lasted through Monday. But today I'm fine and ready to eat on that side of my mouth again.

*I went and saw 40 year old virgin this weekend.... hilarious. But I think wedding crashers is funnier. So if you are trying to decide which to see... See Both! What movie am I very excited about? The Brothers Grimm! And why you ask? Because of my favorite hottie being in it. No, not Matt Damon! The other brother! Heath Ledger! *sigh and faint*

*Check out this article Jon wrote about the Soliton Sessions. You see how he sold me on it.

*This morning I was diggin this Tarjet sponsered short film clips: Odds Against 7even

*Goal of the week- Find a commercial kitchen. Everybody who sees me or talks to me or emails me... please barrade me on this. It must get done! It's the most important step on the creperie right now and I have put it off 2 weeks straight.


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