Sunday, August 28

Who Dunnit

Last night I attended a Murder Mystery Party at Polly & Gary's. It was Polly's birthday and the whole event turned up really fun. You can only play once because now you know who's done it. I took the game and I am going to host a few of these parties for my friends. I won't play, I'll just cook and host and enjoy watching them debate and accuse each other. So I want to do those parties, and I want to help the church do a bbq next weekend, and help with Em's baby shower today, and Michelle's birthday party at my house in a few weeks, and then the KAK holloween party, and then Karis and my big birthday party, and then help cuzzy with thanksgiving in nyc, and then my christmas party, and then new years eve in hawaii.... And I start to realize that although I passionately want to do all of these, I don't know how I can afford to. This whole early retirement at the age of 27 isn't really working out. I think I need a job. I could just work part time and be more than fine to pay bills. But part of me wants a full time job so I can party and travel. But if I do that then there will be no time to work on starting the creperie. So what to do. I know the logicalthing is to sacrafice now so that I can create my own success and party later. But I am having trouble with that. I thrive on the mentality of living for the moment. Waste not, want not. Carpe Diem. There has to be some solution that allows the best of both worlds. I think I should go into event planning. I could have done that through Marriott, but it required too much buracracy of absoutely unneeded years training in some very unglorious related areas before they'll let you do planning. So I should be able to do this independently I am deciding. I just thought of it. The combination. Event Planning/Catering. I know who I need to call. Robin and Heather. I know that was a crazy thought progression. You understand why I blog? It helps me sort it all out in my mind too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So tell me what you want, what you really really want. I'll tell you what I want what I really really want. I wanna.. I wanna.. all I really really wanna zig-a-zig-a.

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can buy different murder mystery stories so you don't have to sit out

9:07 PM  

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