Friday, August 26

Nothing a Little Late Night Jack In the Box Can't Fix

[editors note: I found out later that I had been drugged by the bartender. Beware of Khartoums]
If ever again I try to say that I have never been drunk, pay no heed and throw back in my face the blog of 8/26/05, where I am hereby admitting complete drunkeness. Now still not pass out incoherent drunkeness. But definately take the car keys away because I can't walk a straight line drunk. And pathetically after only 2 fuzzy navels. Sure signs of drunkeness for me... cracking jokes (I'm not funny), talking to strangers including cute boys (very antisocial), singing karaoke (I'm fairly shy), dancing my bootie off without a crowd to hide in (I hate drawing attention to myself). Tonights karaoke set list was Like a Virgin which I rocked, Lisa Loeb's Stay which was just ok, and Young MC's Bust A Move which was just classic and so much fun. Next time I'll do Harden My Heart. Scene of the crime- Khartoum's in Campbell with Karis and Sonja as accomplices.

Other times I was possibly drunk- *w/ Carrie at Mission after chugging a long island ice tea after being told it was all coke with one shot of alcohol *on the rooftop with Raylene over Mint Juleps with her friends in Oakland (the weak one, my *ss) *at Jackson's house in Seattle over just Malibu and Orange Juice (and I was pouring my own drinks too- pathetic) *in St. Petersburg, Russia after consuming over the night a teacup full of straight Russian vodka but it was also after pulling an all nighter and not sleeping for at least 40 hours straight so I am always likely to protest that one. So still not bad. I can still say I can count the number of times on one hand. Haha.

So I went shopping tonight and bought lots of cute clothes. Karis has learned Jubilee's trick. Hand me the rent money and then beg me to go shopping with you because you know I have money and I just can't wait to spend it. Bad habit I know. I told Karis she is a bad influence because she bribes me to go shopping by paying me rent a whole week early. Not that I mind at all.

Oh, and last night the three of us (Sonja, Karis, and I) went downtown to the open air cinema to see Breakfast at Tiffany's, which some how has become a new favorite despite my hatred told old anything... old music, old movies, old fashions. I think I like that film because Holly Golightly was way ahead of her time. She was her era's Carrie Bradshaw. Overall, it was really fabulous, and it's a shame I didn't catch on to these little outdoor films until so late in the summer. Next week is Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I'm so there!

What else am I forgetting to tell you... Kitty Meow Meow has been back to coming around. I suspect she is consumed by jealousy in regards to the other three cats that have recently come into my life. So last night I let her in and then sat for about an hour observing their behavior towards each other as they worked out their territorial conflicts. I was waiting for the cat fight, but they seemed to solve it amicably. My good kitty. She's cuter than the other three. There is no replacing her.

Ok, also yesterday as I have been meaning to, I finally went out searching for a commercial kitchen. I had a few places that seemed to be really open to it, but the main problem I ran into was this. I had been targeting churches because most of them hardly use their kitchens, but there is a conflict in that they can't rent to me unless I am a non-profit otherwise they stop qualifying for their non-exempt status. So unless I find a church that wants to let me use their kitchen for free, I have to get off that route. It's a shame though because I have so many connections within my local churches that it would have been an easy arrangement to make if not for that one problem.

Ok... and for today I will leave you with this link for the 2005 Sexiest Islands. Got a current passport? Who wants to join me on a whirlwind worldwide tour? It sounds amazing!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lizard - falling asleep with one shoe off and one shoe on constitutes being drunk... even if you are in Russia. And, no, you weren't just really tired.

8:51 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

There was no one-shoe-on one-shoe-off thing. I don't know where you got that from. And you can't prove anything. YOU WEREN'T EVEN THERE!!! But for all those who are interested, Carrie tells this really elaborate made up story about the situation just to piss me off. It's fairly hilarious if it wasn't all made up and if she wasn't actually convincing all my friends that it's factual.

9:37 AM  
Anonymous Tom said...

How would you know if it was factual? You were falling-down drunk! I'm going to have to side with Carrie on this one.

3:23 PM  

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