Wednesday, August 24


Seeing that I have absolutely nothing to do today (oh, except find a commercial kitchen)... anyways, I decided to try to workout before I eat breakfast per orders from Sunstar... something I am suppose to be doing everyday. So this starts me contemplating which form of workout I want to do. Shall I hike, swim, run, do some type of class. Well, I best start the morning with a very normal 1/2 hour internet search on the classes my local 24 hr fitness offers. And then I have to print out the other schedules for the other ones close by and try to figure if I can come up with a consistent schedule of interesting classes that don't start so early that I have to set an alarm clock, but not so late that I can't hold off on eating breakfast. The highlighter gets busted out. And now I plan on going and doing pool inspections trying to figure out if the other club's pools are less disgusting than my club's. So after 1 1/2 hours of being distracted from working out by workout research, I quickly grab my shoes and run down to the gym to try to catch a step class. I generally wouldn't consider step an interesting class, but Sheila raves about the W/F night step class with Victor and she's been wanting me to come with her and I happen to notice that it's an intermediate class. Well, it's been years since I've done any form of step. It was probably when I was 19 years old and was working for the Decathlon Club. Now, step is not one of those types of classes you can go to as a beginner. Luckily, when I was in high school I took a semester class of step aerobics as a PE elective. So I had a thorough training of every step move basic to insanely complex. And 10 years later it all kicks in like riding a bike. Thank God! Not to say I didn't get completely lost in the routine every once in a while. I did learn some new tricks. I think I have to go to the basic class a few more times before I join Sheila at the intermediate class. But it was pretty fun. But now I'm not even that hungry anymore. But I'll go make breakfast anyways because Sunstar lectures me about not eating. According to him you need to eat every few hours because if your body starts to feel hunger then it will produce this chemical that will make you retain fat or water or something that ends up bad. In these areas, I just live by faith and follow whatever he tells me.

And today I'm enjoying 2 new cds I downloaded from iTunes. The first is Downhere's So Much for Substitutes, which is fabulous and very much along the same feel as their first album which I loved. The second is that of Mat Kearney called Bullet... excellent. So great! absolutely going to be a new favorite! My friend Zac went to college with Matt, but that's not why I like him. The CD was great. I rarely buy a whole cd, but this one is completely worth the $9.99 with every single song. And besides I had a iTunes gift certificate that I traded Carrie a equal valued Victoria Secret gift certificate for. Good trade. Good music.

So last night at the ballgame us girl revisited that we need a name for ourselves. Much like KAK house and much like SJIC. But what. When all of a sudden it hits us. FFF. Triple F. The Fabulous Foxy Four. Which is perfect because "fabulous" is absolutely our catch phrase. We are going to have shirts made. But really we aren't 100% set on this. We are still accepting other ideas.


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