Monday, March 7

*Long long ago in February is where we left off. The Northstar trip went great. My clients gave me lift tickets for the other two days that I snowboarded. And I ended up teaching myself how to snowboard the "right way" because after a day and a half the "wrong way" starts to kill your muscles. By the end of my 3rd day, I looked like a legitimate snowboarder. At one point I saw an instructor point at me at say "like that girl". I fell 50 yards later. Funniest part was that the boys from the rental shop were really jocking the hot pink and bright yellow ski goggles (circa 1980's) that I was sporting and kept trying to desperately talk me into trading them for one of their new pairs.

*Last weekend, my beloved TiTi and Sally (Tara & Shawn) moved to Newport Beach. :( So we had them go out with a bang. Friday night trip to Miyake's/Rudy's. Saturday night KAK house had a party in their honor. Both nights were fairly mellow comparitively. Very sad to see them go.

*I have been working alot lately. If I'm not nannying, then I'm at school. If I'm not at school, then I'm doing my medical billing job I picked up for my massage therapist. And when I have any time off at all, I find myself obsessing about house chores that have been neglected instead of focusing on my far more important and equally neglected crepe business. So I used this last day off to put adds up on craigslist to find myself some help. I hired a handyman, a gardener, and a housecleaner. And in less than a week already my garbage disposal is fixed, the dishwasher drain is no longer flooding the counters, xmas stuff is packed up and back in the garage, the living room table has come back inside. I feel like I've made enough of a dent on my surrounding that I can now divert my energy back into the business.

*Finding amusing: Going back to school means that I've submerged myself back into the realm of alot of 20 year olds. So this guy in my class asks me how old I am. I tell him I'm older than I look. So he guesses that I'm 22. 22? How old did he originally think I was? 19? Then, all of Jack's friends don't believe him when he tells them I'm 27. They all think I'm 21. But they are a group of 8 year olds so what do they know.

*So I know you all want to know what happened with my mother. Well, I came back from my trip and she was at my house. When I pushed the issue, she informed me of what is proper daughter protocol for such situations (in her world). Apparently, I was suppose to interject, tell off my boss, and quit my job. Well, I can't say I agree with this reasoning. First off, I'm really not a confrontational person. Secondly, this is my main source of income we are talking about. I would go far into debt without it. So the way she sees it, I've disrespected her and am a horrible daughter.

*Then to add insult of injury... and I do realize what horrible timing this was. The next day I come home and my mom is chilling at my house AGAIN... why is she at my house?? how is she getting in?? So I ask her if she could please call me and ask permission before she stops by. And if she can stop leaving my garage door cracked open (how she's getting in) because it's unsafe and it gives anybody access to the whole house. Well, she argues that then she can't access her stuff she has stored in my garage at her convenience. And I say it's not suppose to be at her convenience because she doesn't live here. And then she goes irrational about how it's her house (it's not). And I don't know how to discuss stuff with her if she isn't going a rational train of thought. Now she's not speaking to me again (or still). So Whatever. I'm putting her stuff in a storage unit, paying the first 3 months and letting her decide what she wants to do with it after that, but it's not coming back in my garage.

*I'm sad to report the death of my hard drive. It lived a long life from 2000 to 2005. It spent its years accumulating a wealth of knowledge and momentos which it never bothered to back up. It takes to the grave 2 years worth of digital pictures, many various versions of my resume, all contact information and distribution lists, and over 1000 songs that had been downloaded. It leaves behind one sad owner who luckily the day before had accumulated a brand new computer and only regrets not having the C drive transfered over sooner.

*Today is what I'd call a fake summer day. It's far from summer, but it was such a nice and beautiful day out. So me and the kids made water balloons and then threw them in the pool and then changed into our suits and attempted to go swimming. But the pool was so cold that we opted for gathering our balloons and heading to the hot tub with them.


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