Saturday, March 26

Tomorrow I fly to Miami where I leave for an 11 day Caribbean cruise trip with my clients. I can't wait. But let me tell you, with less than 24 hours to go, I feel like my vacation already started. Today was an awesome day of pampering (and blowing money)....manicure, pedicure, wax, parafin, smoothies, taco salads, and bikini shopping. Now I am so excited about the swim suit I bought (as I should be ecstatic about it considering the amount of dough I dropped on it). And actually I have to pause here to plug Canyon Beachwear for being one of the few stores with hot fun swim suits in my size and a bonus for not having stick figure anorexic girls working there to make you feel even more insecure than this process would make you feel to begin with. Ok, the swim suit... It is a very nice plainly elegant chocolate brown 2 piece. But then I got this little cover up skirt that is insanely hot. It's white with pink and brown dots on it. Then I found this pink tshirt that matches it perfectly and all together it looks way hot. Not only does it look great on, but I feel like I'm nineteen when I wear it. It's so fun (and hot). It looks really good. Then I bought a brown and a white tank top that also match. Then I found the cutest brown Roxy flip flops with the little Roxy logo in pink. And then I found this great brown and pink trucker hat so I am completely all matchy. I can't wait to hit the beach this summer with my friends. So today ate about $400 of my spending money for the trip, but o-well.

Digging It: Live 105.3 is having "What Would Jesus Play" weekend in honor of Easter and let me tell you... Jesus rocks! but I already knew that.

Tonight I went to a farewell party for the Lewis family, one of my more significant clients I worked for in my younger days. They are moving to Bend, OR. I cared for their children from when their oldest was 1 until he was 5. Now he's 9. The party was filled with all these children that I use to know, that I use to babysit. It's so strange to see how kids grow up when you miss 4 year gaps of their lives.


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